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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Last night Trevor and I walked around the neighborhood delivering neighbor gifts. It was snowing just every so lightly (Yes, it St. George! It snowed again today and we have about half an inch that is sticking). We walked along for about an hour with Ripsi delivering gifts. We even sang Christmas carols as we walked. It was so fun. I have an adorable husband and I loved strolling in the snow with him last night.
We delivered three different kinds of Christmas Cheer, because I get bored with making one so then I move onto another. Trevor says I have "creative ADD" This might be true. We made little indoor S'More kits with the phrase: "We Need S'more Friends Like You!" And we gave smoe small oranaments to some with a note "May Your Christmas Be Trimmed in Happiness and Love" and then we also handed out some bages of apples with a little dish of homemade carmel dipping sauce that had a little poem I wrote attached to the note.
Here are Ripsi and I with our bag of treats to take around. Yes, my dog is wearing a sweater. Yes, it has a leapord-print collar. Yes. I am that kind of person.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Buttons Are Popping Again...

but this time it is not from eating too much! I just got home from my 2010 Final and I am so proud of my students! They did an amazing job on their end of the semester projects, some of the strongest collaborative documents and presentations I have seen yet. As I have explained on here before, my 2010 classes are split into groups from the get-go according to interest in a general area of relevance and controversy in our society today: the economy, civil liberties, health care, education etc. All semester long they write a series of essays that require them to delve deep into these topics through political cartoons, literature, rhetorical analysis and general research. They then put all of their writing into a mock magazine on their topic, adding graphics, quizzes, horoscopes, advertisements, and other such magazine-ish things. They then have to give a 20-30 minute presentation where they creatively present their collaborative magazine as if it were a sales pitch for a publishing company or something.

They were amazing this semester! My students really had fun with their presentations, and did some different things. One group that was focusing on the media set their presentation up as if it were a news program, complete with different desks spread throughout the room and "on-the-scene" reporters located in different corners. It was fabulous. They were all strong and thorough presentations. I am really happy with their work. Below I am including some shots of their final magazines, as well as quoting some of the funny inclusions from things like their mock horoscopes and some things that some wrote in their magazines letters to the editor (where they have to describe their experience with the project) that make me feel good as an instructor. I realize that they are still somewhat gunning for a good grade when they write these things, but I like to pretend that are at least fairly sincere. I did have many students stay after class tonight to thank me for the semester. They really were all good students and a pleasure to work with.
"I am proud of the fact that I can now read a piece of work, analyze it, formulate my own opinion and not just take the writer's beliefs as my own. I can look at a political cartoon and ascertain the meaning that the artist had in mind, and no longer just see it as a funny square in the newspaper." ~2010 Student's Letter to the Editor

"CAPRICORN: This is your month. You will win the local lottery,find the cure to the common cold, find Jimmy Hoffa's body and save a colony of baby seals. Hahaha. Sucker. You always read your horoscope and buy into this. The only thing you do is spend $3.95 on this magazine and pray that I am telling you the truth. Thanks for the contribution. Your lucky numbers are $3.95 plus tax." ~Spoof Horoscope"I can honestly say that my habits as a student, and as someone who is genuinely interested in many different topics have been heightened. Now, instead of thinking that my TV was invented for nothing but ESPN, ESPN News, Flavor of Love, The Office and Conan O'Brian, I have and always will focus my attention on the news and scrutinize its information by checking with other sources. I will care about what is going on in the world." ~ 2010 Student Letter From Editor

"Many spectators, after seeing what was behind door #1 and door #2, were still wishing for a door #3. Where is Monty Hall when you need him?" ~A line from a student's "column" analyzing the First Presidential Debate from this year.

"Dear Readers, This has been a growing experience for me. A part of me has always been afraid of writing. I don't know if it because I was afraid of failing or if I was just too reserved to express myself in writing. This course has literally freed me from that feeling of fear. I think that I fear what I do not know. And now I know I can write." ~ 2010 Student Letter from Editor

"I remember English 1010 when writing 5 pages seemed hard. But this semester I learned that if you care about your topic and want to learn about it you can gather a lot of information and discover what you really think about that topic. From there you can create a good outline, and suddenly it is like the length of the paper does not matter. Because I had a good outline, I was interested in my topic and because I found countless sources about it I could write my essay easily. Even though this might sound disgusting, I actually enjoyed writing it. That does not mean that is was easy, or that writing will always be easy, but it did bring me a feeling of accomplishment. I am really proud of our magazine." ~ 2010 Student Letter From the Editor
A few of my favorite spoof horoscopes. I had funny students this semester:
"ARIES: This is your month Aries! On the fourth you will find a dime in the laundry. Congratulations! Your boss will not fire you even though you know you deserve it. (Beware of this in January.) Your lucky numbers are 1,2, and 3. I have to keep it simple. You are not the brightest."

"LIBRA: Aliens surround you. Trust no one! The government has planted a computer chip in a secret location somewhere on your body. They are tracking your ever move because they have information indicating that your real father is from the planet Zoloft. Your lucky numbers are considered G-14 classified by the Federal Government."

Goodbye Dear Semester,

Good Bye Dear Semester,

I enjoyed our time together...especially when we met at 7:30 in the morning Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After all, I would much rather lecture on the importance of comma splices to students who are still half asleep, than be in bed myself. Please do accept the 167 ten page papers I graded all of last week as a parting gift. Thanks for the last four months of good students, bad students, hysterical students in my office in tears. I hope we can it again real soon.

Until January 5th,


Friday, December 12, 2008

And we are affected by the state of the economy this Christmas!

We have thus far been blessed not to feel the effects of our country's dragging economy too least not any more than the rest of you...sure we are watching our budget, and we have decided to send Trev back to school since PR jobs are few and far between right now, and the fluctuating fuel and food prices have at times made us dizzy. But we have a roof over our heads, I have a good, secure job, we have plenty to eat, we have paid off all our debt and we are working to save most of our incomes right now.
We know there are so many others out there, many in our very neighborhood, who are hurting financially right now we try to do our part by contributing to the economy - particularly local businesses, donating to the local food bank, and giving to various neighborhood emergency charities that are set up down here.
Yesterday, though, I felt one of the most personal and sad effects of the slowing economy for me. Again, I cannot reiterate enough that I know how lucky we are, and I don't want this to sound trivial, because in the end, it really is, but it still has been my biggest economy rain-cloud so far.
Each year at Christmas I get a new small Christmas village house, unpainted and made of ceramic. It has become my tradition to paint the house all year long and then write the year on the bottom of the house and write on an accompanying piece of paper everything that happened to me the year I painted that house. I keep the piece of paper in the box with my houses, and it is kind of a little personal history project. I love unwrapping my houses each year, and being able to remember what was going on in my life while I was painting it. Funny, I started this tradition the very year Trevor and I began dating, so it has become his tradition by default, and so each

year one of my Christmas presents - the one I look forward to the most - has been a new little ceramic house picked out by Trevor for me to paint in the coming year. In this way we are slowly building our village...we have six houses now.

A photo of a village from the site

The little houses are getting harder and harder to find each year, I guess because most people would rather buy completed ones than paint their own. But so much of my life is career focused that little artsy, simple things like this are my therapy and form of relaxation. We have always purchased them in the past at Ben Franklin's in Rigby, Idaho. However, this year, Trevor came into the living room yesterday and told me that he had called Ben Franklin's to ask them to set aside a house for me since we won't get there until Christmas Eve, and they told him that they had no houses to sell this year because the company that created them had declared bankruptcy and gone out of business. He then had his mother go to the store to double check and it was true, there are no little houses.

I was heart-broken. I know it sounds silly, but these little houses are so important to me. We immediately got online and googled the brand of the houses I paint - only to find millions of other people out there in the same boat, posting "Want-Ads" looking for anywhere to buy the little houses. And I thought I was one of the only nerds who liked painting them! I was so sad.

We did finally find another company who also makes ceramic houses that are sort of the same style as mine and are about the same size. But they are much more expensive and we have to order them from the place back east. Trevor asked what I wanted to do, since one house would take his whole Christmas budget for me, I said it was still all I wanted for Christmas. So he picked one out and ordered it, and had it shipped to his parents home.

I am excited to see the new house, but am sad that our simple tradition of picking a new one up each year in Rigby for five bucks has been dashed away. As I unpacked and set up our six little houses last night it made me sad all over again. Though, like I said before, even though I am a Christmas Village House shy this year, I know there are others out there who are struggling much more, and I am grateful for what we have.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am so happy to be finished with the semester. It has been an exhausting couple of last weeks. I have been tired and swamped with stacks of papers to grade. On Tuesday I left campus and headed for home. Pulling into our driveway I was surprised to see a long "Congratulations" banner stretched across our garage, framed by balloons. My first thought was..oh no, someone decorated the wrong house. We live in cookie cutter houses in this condo complex, and while each residence is slightly different, they pretty much all look the same, and I could see how somebody might mistake us for someone else.
However, then I noticed that the banner had my name on it, found in phrases like "The Mighty Chelsi." My second thought was also alarming, oh no, someone from the ward must think that I am pregnant (I am not btw).

I was entirely confused. Lucky for dumb me there was a card. The card was a sweet note congratulating me on completing my first semester at my first grown-up job, for moving in and getting settled, for having a wonderful new friend, and for just generally being me. It was from my sweet friend Sarah.

Sarah is a doll, and a great friend. She has made our move to St. George, far away from family and old friends, pleasant and exciting. I have learned a lot from her and love spending time together. She knew how exhausted I have been lately, and thought of this creative, cute pick-me up. It was a great pat on the back.

Thanks so much Sarah for making me feel special!

I left my banner up all day, so Trevor could see it when he got home late. We went out and looked at it again. Even Ripsi appreciated it and thought I deserved a high five for all my hard work.

My Sweetheart's Sweet tooth

Every night at the Dickens Festival we walked by a candy-apple stand. Every night Trevor looked longingly at the apples, elbowed me and whispered, "those look so good." I told him to buy himself one, but ever the pragmatist, at five to eight bucks a pop Trev could not bring himself to do it. But he looked at them each night. He talked about them when we got home each night. So Sunday afternoon while he was taking a nap I made homemade caramel and we made ourselves sick for the rest of the night eating apples dipped in the delicious goo. I was really happy with the way the caramel turned out, I am usually scared to make home-made candy, because it is so temperamental, but I am getting braver, and I have a really good caramel recipe for any who want it!Don't judge the hair, he just woke up from his nap!

Last Two Nights of Dickens

We finished off the Dickens Festival. It was so much fun! Here is a quick account of the last two nights. You will want to read this! or at least skim to the Saturday night will go down in history as one of the funniest moments in my life!!!

FRIDAY: On Friday night we were able to dance with all six of us - Trevor, me & Blake -Michelle & Brady & Jenna. It was the only day we could all be there at the same time, the rest of the time it was always a combination of four of us. We did really well, and I wished I would have videoed our dancing with all of us! But here are a few quick pics. instead. The Entire Fezziwig Party
Friday's Victorian look - I spend all this time curling I take pics of it :)
Here I am on our way out, just posing with the Queen's guard

On Saturday We danced at Dickens at 2:45, and then we had to go back at 8:00 that night. However, our ward was having their adult Christmas party at 6:30 and we decided we could do both things. We went to the Christmas party, and there was so much food!!! I have been blessed with a huge fact, one of the first things Trevor says he liked about me was the fact that "I eat." This means I eat a lot...a lot, a lot. Seriously, you would be amazed at the amount of food I can put away. My mother periodically gives me stuffed pigs for different holidays, because one time when I was little I ordered a huge plate at a restaurant and the waitress asked my mother if I could eat all the food and my mom replied, "Oh Yes, this is my pig daughter." The moment scared me, but she and Lacy still joke about it.

Anyway...point of all that is I ate tons at the Christmas dinner! We barely had time to eat our desert before we rushed off to Dickens. Well, when we got there, I slipped into my dress - the one with the itty, bitty waist - and off we went to dance. However, as we are dancing and I start exhaling more deeply my stomach was apparently so full it popped the buttons on my skirt!!! Yes, you just read that correctly - we had quite a crowd of people at the corner we were in, and all I could do was catch my skirt before it fell and keep dancing. Blake and Michelle and Trevor were laughing. And here is the kicker, it is the time that we finally videoed the dance, with the intention of putting it up here on the blog for all the world to see! Hilarious. I made it through the dance, and you can hardly tell my skirt is completely undone, although I am pretty red from blushing by the end of the song. You all can watch the video and laugh until your sides ache. I am pretty sure that relating this story about how I have no appetite control and posting the following video officially means I have no shame when it comes to sharing my antics on Blogger.

Monday, December 8, 2008

House Work Report

Well, as you might guess by the accompanying image with today's post, my mission status is: "Project June Cleaver: FAIL"

Or at least HALF-FAIL. I am trying not to feel too bad, after all I did get some things done on my 50's house-wife day. I got my spectacular cranberry pork roast dinner made (this really is sooooo good, anyone who wants the recipe is more than welcome.) I got the fridge cleaned out. I got all of the laundry done - and put away! I washed all of the dishes. I deep-cleaned our master bedroom and bath and I finished the Christmas Cards and mailed them. I also wrapped all of the current Christmas presents in the house. I put away all of the Thanksgiving decorations, and made a little progress on getting the Christmas stuff up. And I finished off the night in curls, pearls and my Dickens dress.

Even though I didn't make all of my goals... I still feel pretty good about my work. I still need to vacuum and dust the rest of our house, finish decorating, and clean the other bathroom. And by the time those things are done in the next few days, I am sure that the housework - like it always does - will have worked itself back into a state of having to be "dealt with." There are already some clothes in the hamper from the last few days, and I am sure when I get home from work I will find Trevor's breakfast dishes in the sink.

Sigh....housework just might kill me.

oh...and that pesky lightbulb is still burnt out.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A June Cleaver Day

I am home early today...and my husband works all day until we do Dickens tonight. So today I am having a June Cleaver day...which means I am going to do all the perfect house-wife things I have neglected doing all week since we have been so busy. When Trevor left this morning he asked what I was going to do today...and I told him I couldn't tell. This is my under-promise, over-deliver strategy. If I don't commit to chores then I can't feel bad if I don't do them right? However, since accountability is usually a good motivator I am coming clean to you, all my dear blogging friends. Below is my list of things to do today, topped off literally with appearing in a huge dress and pearls at the end of the night when we make our way to the Dickens festival yet again. I will report tonight on my accomplishments.

The List
  • Do all the laundry - and that means ironing and putting it all away too!
  • All dishes completely done
  • Cook a cranberry glazed pork roast, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner... oh and rolls because Trevor loves them.
  • Put the rest of the Thanksgiving decorations away and get the rest of the Christmas decorations out (right now we have half and half...oddly a lot of turkeys are out but still no Santa clauses. I told Trevor that maybe I will make a new Christmas icon - the Giving Turkey to replace Santa, and then I could double-use my decorations)
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Pick up all the things on the floors so I can vacuum
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Finish the Christmas Cards
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Finish wrapping Christmas presents
  • Change the light-bulb I have been meaning to change for weeks
If I am going to complete all these things I have to get off line now and get to it. Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dickens Round 2

Here we go again.....We did even better at our dances tonight. We come exhausted, but we really enjoy it. We also watched Oliver tonight, and it was great. The kids that were preforming were all pretty young, some of the orphans seemed to be just toddlers! They did a great job and gave a top performance. My favorite song is "Consider Yourself."

I think the play "Oliver" is a pretty light version of the actual novel, which is pretty dang dark...just ask Dr. Brian McCuskey at Utah State. Nevertheless, it was fun...if not entirely as deep as it could be. Though they do end with Fabian singing his final villain song....Trevor taking a rest in the dressing room after our dancing.
Me, taking a rest after dancing by sitting on Trevor's lap, not because he loves me, but because I am too heavy in all those skirts to push off.Tonight's Victorian DoMichelle and I, we are pretty much the hottest gals at Dickens. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The First Night of Dickens

Here are some photos from our first night of Dickens. I will keep taking pictures and posting them throughout the week. We did well on our dances tonight and had so much fun!
All dressed up and ready to dance!Meet our Fezziwig friends, Blake & Michelle.
After we danced we watched the Scrooge production and ate hamburgers from Blake and Michelle's hamburger stand. The burgers were great thanks to Blake's excellent cooking. We are looking forward to the rest of the week.I loved Dickens so much, this was my face the entire way home and for the rest of the night!

"I Will Honor Christmas In My Heart, And Try To Keep It There All Year." - Charles Dickens

It is official, one of my favorite things about living in St. George is the Charles Dickens Christmas Festival. It is always held annually through the first week of December here in the Dixie center, and it is amazing!!!

Picture a Renaissance fair meets the literary minded meets the local theatre companies meets lots of hand spun and homemade gift booths , and you can just about envision this.I love Charles Dickens, he is one of my favorite authors (even though each one of his 13 novels are about exactly the same thing...Bluefish, you may dispute this point if you so desire...I do half expect you to. :) )

Being such a fan and all I was intrigued when my friend Michelle called me a couple months back. Michelle lives just around the corner from me and is a book club gal. She explained that her family is one of the founders of the festival, and every year it is her job to find Fezziwig dancers. Yes, you read those last two words correctly. Michelle wanted to know if Trev and I would be interested in dancing with her and her husband along with a couple of others this year. Once we established that I have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever, and that my husband might kill me for agreeing, I told her that we would love to do it.

Over the last few weeks we have been fitted for our costumes. I think my dress is a bit more antebellum south than Old English, but it will work. It has a massive full skirt and a hoop slip. Trevor has an old-fashioned tux, tie, and top-hat. The following pictures are from last year's festival, and this year they are being more strict about the cosutems, and it is even more all-out than before. You can see some more great pics of the festival HERE.

We have all our steps mostly down and we make our big debut at the first gathering of the festival tonight.We went to the Dixie center last night for dress rehearsal and I got psyched to come back tonight. The place looks amazing. All of the booths must be completely enclosed in building like structures, the outside of these booths are painted to look like old London buildings, with reference-bearing titles such as "Mealy Potatoes" and "Crachets." All of the vendors and festival workers have to be dressed to the nines in Old-English garb...seriously, they won't let them in, even if all they are missing is a head piece (bonnets or bows for women, top hats for men). One of the greatest parts is that the hire a ton on little kids too and dress them all up as either orphans or chimney sweeps. You can "hire" a chimney sweep or an orphan to carry your packages or get you a soda. It is like the only time everyone is down with child-labor.

The local theater companies will be putting on Oliver and Scrooge each night, the shows rotate nightly. It is great!!!

Our job is to simply be there and walk around the streets, periodically we will just stop and burst into our dances, and then we will grab unsuspecting members of our impromptu audience and teach them the dances as well.

There is also loads of good food and some fascinating stuff to consider buying, while Dickens certainly would have taken issue with essentially becoming a venue for money-mongers and money-holders, I hope he might still rest peacefully in his grave knowing that a few true fans, such as myself, are there to simply leave the world as we know it today and step into the Dickens Universe.I will take pictures tonight and post them later!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Card Photos

Over the holiday my darling little sister was kind enough to snap a few photos of my little family for our annual Christmas card. Here are our favorite shots...would all of you be so kind as to help me out and through in your opinion about with photo we should use? One disclaimer, Ripsi is wearing a purple bandanna, but Lacy is planning to use photoshop to turn that bandanna blue, like the accent color Trevor and I have on. What can I say? A new blue bandanna would have been like five bucks, and photo shop is never know about photos anymore do ya? Oh - and while you are at it...if you want to receive one of said Christmas cards, email me your mailing address at Thanks all!

Here are our top choices......
Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I will be traumatizing my children

This time of year we inevitably bring up memories from childhood...and in my case that means discussing "The Elf."

Like any young mother, my mom thought up a variety of ways to manipulate her daughters behavior. One of the methods she dreamed up was "The Elf." She bought a small christmas decoration, an elf, whose body was made with bendable wire. This elf appeared one day in our house one November with a note reading, "You better watch out, You better not Pout, because I'll be watching." My mother carefully left this note on our bed and then posed the elf as if he were perched on our bedpost. She brought my sister and I too the bedroom, whispering and sneaking quietly, to see the elf. "He's real" she said, "He is here to spy on you for Santa. And if you touch him he will tell and you will never get anything for Christmas for the rest of your lives."

The elf moved about the house every few hours, and always rested in different poses and positions. I have distinct memories of seeing him in the Christmas Tree, on the entertainment center, on the piano, and in the windowsill. Lacy swear she once saw him dash from the Christmas Tree to the kitchen.

I hated the elf. He had an uncanny way of appearing whenever I was being mean to Lacy. Lacy, of course, loved the elf. To this day she loves the elf and I despise all elves. I am not kidding...they creep me out. After all, it was an elf that was my first exposure to a big-brother type of scenario. I still will not let my mother put out the old elf she used for this as a christmas scares me too much...I think I still half-believe he is real and out to get me. (She keeps the elf in her nightstand...which I also think is unhealthy.)

Trevor, thinks this story is charming, he laughs and laughs about it with my mother and my sister. He loves the lore of the whole sadistic thing so much that he has told me for the last three years that we will do the same thing to our children. I told him that we would then need to start a counseling fund along with their college funds. This year I found an elf for us to is a happy looking elf. The one my mother used looks like an elf of Satan, I swear. I bought the elf on a Day-After-Thanksgiving sale, and Lacy got one too...even though I have assured her that she can have the old elf of Mother's. I certainly don't want it. I like this little elf, even though I am still kinda scared of him...(I do realize how crazy that sounds.)

The one thing is that he is some sort of fairy elf, he has wings...which I don't think Christmas elves have. the wings are just wire and can easily be clipped off. I am wondering what you all think? Wings or no wings? Which would scare the pants off you more as a kid? Let me know your opinion in the sidebar poll.
A few hours after we bought him, my mom placed the elf in our bedroom with this note. I guess some traditions, no matter, how sick and twisted, never change.

I am thankful for....

so many things, I do not know where to begin. I am grateful for my husband, he is one of the best men I know and truly my best friend. I am grateful for all the other members of our family. I am grateful for our friends, our home, our educations, our opportunities, our dog, and our life together. I am grateful for the incredible people I've had the chance to meet, those that have shaped and impacted my life. I am thankful for small things all around me everyday.
My Thanksgiving Decor

We had a great holiday and dinner. My mom, step dad, sister, brother-in-law and grandparents all came down to our house for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with them. I betty-crockered it up and made a lot of the food...but everybody helped. Our menu was composed of spectacular and traditional dishes - turkey, stuffing, potatoes, parsnips, yams, green-jello-pineapple-salad, marshmallow rolls, regular rolls, cranberry sauce, green-bean casserole and a relish tray. I made pies the day before and FROM SCRATCH! I love to make pie, which is odd, because I don't particularly like to eat it. Very close to the top of my dream-job list would be "pie-maker." Making the crust is my favorite. I made an apple pie, two pumpkin pies (from a real pumpkin!) a pecan pie, and a chocolate cream pie. My grandpa surprised me and also brought a homemade pumpkin swirl cheesecake. He knows I don't love pie, and that I really love cheesecake.

We ate our first Thanksgiving dinner at the Bloomington Country Club, which is always fabulous. I literally ate so much I got sick. We ate our home-made dinner later that night, at six-thirty. The next morning we hit the shops and picked up a few black Friday steals.

All in all, it was a happy holiday. I hope all of you had a good thanksgiving too, and that you are as grateful for our friendship as we are for yours!

This is one of the little turkeys my grandma made, she makes a small, edible turkey every year to set at everyone's dinner place. Cute grandma.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A birthday outfit for all to see...a birthday outfit just for me!

This is the cute outfit some great grad-school girl friends gave me for my birthday. I wore it for the first time today and had many compliments on it...all my girlfriends have such good taste. Funny, wearing something my friends had picked out personally made me miss them even more than I already do...kati and Nicole, it isn't the same to model your contribution to my fashionista personality over the internet, but it will have to do until we all end up closer....come on...there are openings in Vegas..then you are only two hours away instead of five? Any takers?

Thank you guys so much for thinking of me and keeping in touch. I love you.
Trev was at work, so I had to photo myself using the mirror in my bathroom - hence the toilet paper shot in the lower right hand corner :)
And shots of the back in the vanity, the outlet is not part of the ensemble. I love the earings! And Trev loves the tourquoise pair you sent, he constantly suggests I wear them.
Should I be embarrassed to admit that the first time I wrote my "Thank You Kati & Nicole" sign I totally forgot that mirrors reverse images. I had to really concentrate to flip all the letters into their negative...we may have learned to "write effectively" in graduate school, but they neglected to teach us the really important things like how to "write backwards effectively."

Thanks again! You guys are great!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We've got Trouble....

And that starts with a T which rhymes with a P And that means P-O-O-L!!!

We have been slated to put new carpet in the basement of our house this week. In preparation for the big day Trev and I moved all the furniture into the other basement rooms and were then left with one large the form of a pool table.

After talking with the carpet man we decided to place the pool table on some carpet sliders and just push it from one end of the room to the other as we laid the carpet. To do so we would need some serious muscles. So we called around to some neighbors and arranged a time for this morning when everyone could get together and lift. One of the houses we called belongs to our friends and neighbors Casey and Sarah.

One of the reasons I love this couple is evident in the following events. About ten minutes after I called to ask if they would come help us move the table, they called back to ask if we could all play on the table first. This sort of friendship is the best for Trevor and I, totally spontaneous and always fun. Casey and Sarah came over and we shot pool for half the night. I am officially terrible. Sarah is only slightly better....Trevor and Casey on the other hand, have us wondering about the possibilities of misspent youthes...they are pretty good.

Here are some pictures. Thanks Casey and Sarah for the fun night...and for being here bright and early to lift that table!

Could I have lined this shot up any better? Check out Trevor's antlers!

Our cheesiest picture faces
Good friends, good times!