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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Introducing new Sister-in-Law (yep, laugh it up, our names rhyme, how fun is it now when we all get together for Sunday dinner?)

So we married off Trevor's little brother Justin. He has married a really sweet girl, Kelsey, and we are happy for them. We hope Kelsey will mellow J out and keep him in line. Those of you who know Justin know that he needs it! They had a sweet ceremony on the top of a mountain in Jackson Hole, the Tetons behind in the skyline are breathtaking. We enjoyed time visiting with friends and family. These are some pics of the wedding party. We really enjoyed hanging out with Ty and Erin, dear cousins and friends we don't get to see a lot.

Kelsey looks beautiful and Justin was handsome in his white tux. Poor chic had to hike up the hill though in her heels!

Fine Swine

This post relates to events all from a couple of weeks ago. My blog has gotten all out of order with all the back story fill-ins I have been doing. But I just downloaded a bunch of pics onto my computer and couldn't the pigs...let me explain.

My little sister Rachel (11) and my little brother Clark (10) both show pigs in 4-H at the fair each year. Trevor and I were able to attend their show a couple of weeks ago and I was so proud of them!

You might think this looks easy, after all, aren't they just walking around with a stick behind their pig? It is actually tough work - and if you don't appreciate the finer points of pig showing you should check out your local pig 4-H show. These kids work hard. They use their sticks to heard thier pig along, keep it away from other pigs and from the wall. Their whole goal is to keep their pig from fighting with the others (Clark got bit trying to break up a fight just before this picture was snapped), and guide their pig within about four feet of the judge (the intense hilly-billy beard guy in the photos) while maintaining eye contact and smiling at the judge the whole time.

There is an old Irish proverb that says "bulls make money and bears make money, but pigs seldom do...). Rachel and Clark proved the opposite true. Both their pigs won blue ribbons and sold for quite a bit of money. Clark is saving his for an airplane to fly when he grows up. Ah to be ten again....Way to go guys!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Health News

Great news!

Trevor had a doctor's appointment last week and we are excited about the outcome. Dr. Glantz (Trevor's oncologist) said that the MRI scan from our appointment was the cleanest scan Trevor has had yet. It looks like Trev's brain material is pulling away from the resected area (where they removed the tumor). This is good because it means there is likely not anything (aka a tumor) there to be pushing brain matter towards the resection. The scan is so clean that Dr. Glantz has recommended Trevor do two more months of chemotherapy and then stop chemical treatments. We will continue to go to Salt Lake City every other month for MRI scans, and Dr. Glantz intends to monitor Trevor and his brain closely for the next several years. But we think this is good news and are celebrating.

Slide Show Instructions

To see the two slide shows on this page select Log in and use the following:

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For Hawaii:
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In July my work took me to Hawaii for two weeks, and Trevor got to come for a week. My sister and her husband also came for over for a week. We had a great time. Hawaii is beautiful. I enjoyed my work and spent my days off and nights sightseeing, snorkeling, sunning, and simply experiencing the island. Highlights of out time in Hawaii were:

1.SNORKELING at Shark's Cove - this was amazing, and FREE. When you go to Hawaii plan a couple of days just for this. We saw all sorts of fascinating fish and an array of colorful coral. My favorite was the sea turtles. It is amazing how much life swims around beneath us, I will never think about floating on the ocean's surface the same way...just take a glance beneath the waves and you will see what I mean.

2. The PCC! The Polynesian Cultural Center. This is a massive park, and you can easily spend a day in the PCC and not see everything. A special treat was to spend some time with Trevor's High school buddy, Brian Jaccques, who is working at the PCC while he finishes his degree at BYU-Hawaii. Brian is a drummer in the night show at the PCC, he is easy to spot...a skinny little white kid among the Polynesians.

3. WAIMIA, this was our favorite is a slice of paradise.

4. PEARL HARBOR...there really are no words. It is an incredibly humbling, hallowed place.

5. Fresh Pineapple!!!

6. I could go on and on...I don't think there was anything we didn't like...

Seeing Double in Chicago

So this is a "back-post" of sorts...I wanted to put up some pictures from our highlighted trips this summer, and the first one is the ten days Trevor and I spent in Chicago way back in May. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. The architecture is incredible. I had to work each morning for half of the time Trev and I were there, but we spent our afternoons and evenings walking around with our necks permanently kinked backwards, staring up at the buildings. If a visit to Chicago is in your future I definitely recommend taking the architecture tour by boat through Chicago's waterways. Absolutely fascinating. Some of out highlights in Chicago were:

1. The FOOD! wow - be sure to notice the pic of Trevor with his "chicago dog" in the slideshow. I think my favorite meal out was to The Greek Island. Ever seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? I felt like we were part of the cast...OOPA!

2. Seeing WICKED on Chicago's Broadway. An amazing show. Trevor and I both agree our favorite song is "Defying Gravity" at the end of the first act.

3. The Chicago Art Institute. There were two paintings we were STOKED to see. For me it was "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper. I love this is a link all about it...the poetry written about it is fascinating as well....

For Trevor, ever my classic man, it was "American Gothic" by Grant Ward...

4. The Shedd Aquarium...did you know more people have been to the moon than to the bottom of the ocean floor?

The Bean! so The Bean is this crazy huge stainless steel sculpture in the middle of Millennium park. It is amazing - it reflects the city's skyline and reflects all the millions of people that come to see it. It is really cool to walk into the middle underneath it and throw something up in the air and watch it reflect across all of the different angles that play on the surface. The entire structure also seems completely seamless. Really intense. Here is a link to a great video and some interesting info about Millennium Park and The Bean.

6. Just being there together. This was sort of like a second honeymoon for Trevor and I, it was the first trip we have been on together and we had a spectacular time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God put me on this earth to do a certain number of things...I am so far behind that I will never die!

Ok, Ok, so I don't know that blogging is part of my pre-ordained list of things to do from our all-mighty creator, but it is one more thing I am yet oh-so-far-behind on. So I am quickly posting. Since the last post Trevor and I have been to Hawaii, married off Trev's little brother, moved to St. George, Utah and I have begun working for Dixie State College. Each of these topics deserves more time and detail, which I am hoping to get to posting up with pictures by Friday. (But please don't hold me to it too tightly). We are really happy here in St. George. It is really HOT! It has been over a hundred degrees every day. This is taking some adjusting. I am beginning to understand the concept of a siesta in all of these desert countries, one o-clock in the afternoon hits, the temperature dial outside my living room window hits 108 and all I want to do is strip down to skivvies and snooze.

But alas, there is too much to do. We are still unpacking, and I started work this week. I love DSC and am so excited about the opportunities here for me. It looks like it will be a really good thing. It is a great department and I have a workload that keeps me just busy enough. I am on my way to teach my first class this afternoon and will report later. Trevor is still working on the Best Buy Geek Squad for right now, and is just beginning to look for something more in is field. The area here is growing and developing like MAD! Everywhere we look there is construction, so we are sure he will find something great soon. I am going to sign off for now...but I will be back! (Sooner, rather than later this go-around, promise!)