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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Card Photos

Over the holiday my darling little sister was kind enough to snap a few photos of my little family for our annual Christmas card. Here are our favorite shots...would all of you be so kind as to help me out and through in your opinion about with photo we should use? One disclaimer, Ripsi is wearing a purple bandanna, but Lacy is planning to use photoshop to turn that bandanna blue, like the accent color Trevor and I have on. What can I say? A new blue bandanna would have been like five bucks, and photo shop is never know about photos anymore do ya? Oh - and while you are at it...if you want to receive one of said Christmas cards, email me your mailing address at Thanks all!

Here are our top choices......
Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I will be traumatizing my children

This time of year we inevitably bring up memories from childhood...and in my case that means discussing "The Elf."

Like any young mother, my mom thought up a variety of ways to manipulate her daughters behavior. One of the methods she dreamed up was "The Elf." She bought a small christmas decoration, an elf, whose body was made with bendable wire. This elf appeared one day in our house one November with a note reading, "You better watch out, You better not Pout, because I'll be watching." My mother carefully left this note on our bed and then posed the elf as if he were perched on our bedpost. She brought my sister and I too the bedroom, whispering and sneaking quietly, to see the elf. "He's real" she said, "He is here to spy on you for Santa. And if you touch him he will tell and you will never get anything for Christmas for the rest of your lives."

The elf moved about the house every few hours, and always rested in different poses and positions. I have distinct memories of seeing him in the Christmas Tree, on the entertainment center, on the piano, and in the windowsill. Lacy swear she once saw him dash from the Christmas Tree to the kitchen.

I hated the elf. He had an uncanny way of appearing whenever I was being mean to Lacy. Lacy, of course, loved the elf. To this day she loves the elf and I despise all elves. I am not kidding...they creep me out. After all, it was an elf that was my first exposure to a big-brother type of scenario. I still will not let my mother put out the old elf she used for this as a christmas scares me too much...I think I still half-believe he is real and out to get me. (She keeps the elf in her nightstand...which I also think is unhealthy.)

Trevor, thinks this story is charming, he laughs and laughs about it with my mother and my sister. He loves the lore of the whole sadistic thing so much that he has told me for the last three years that we will do the same thing to our children. I told him that we would then need to start a counseling fund along with their college funds. This year I found an elf for us to is a happy looking elf. The one my mother used looks like an elf of Satan, I swear. I bought the elf on a Day-After-Thanksgiving sale, and Lacy got one too...even though I have assured her that she can have the old elf of Mother's. I certainly don't want it. I like this little elf, even though I am still kinda scared of him...(I do realize how crazy that sounds.)

The one thing is that he is some sort of fairy elf, he has wings...which I don't think Christmas elves have. the wings are just wire and can easily be clipped off. I am wondering what you all think? Wings or no wings? Which would scare the pants off you more as a kid? Let me know your opinion in the sidebar poll.
A few hours after we bought him, my mom placed the elf in our bedroom with this note. I guess some traditions, no matter, how sick and twisted, never change.

I am thankful for....

so many things, I do not know where to begin. I am grateful for my husband, he is one of the best men I know and truly my best friend. I am grateful for all the other members of our family. I am grateful for our friends, our home, our educations, our opportunities, our dog, and our life together. I am grateful for the incredible people I've had the chance to meet, those that have shaped and impacted my life. I am thankful for small things all around me everyday.
My Thanksgiving Decor

We had a great holiday and dinner. My mom, step dad, sister, brother-in-law and grandparents all came down to our house for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with them. I betty-crockered it up and made a lot of the food...but everybody helped. Our menu was composed of spectacular and traditional dishes - turkey, stuffing, potatoes, parsnips, yams, green-jello-pineapple-salad, marshmallow rolls, regular rolls, cranberry sauce, green-bean casserole and a relish tray. I made pies the day before and FROM SCRATCH! I love to make pie, which is odd, because I don't particularly like to eat it. Very close to the top of my dream-job list would be "pie-maker." Making the crust is my favorite. I made an apple pie, two pumpkin pies (from a real pumpkin!) a pecan pie, and a chocolate cream pie. My grandpa surprised me and also brought a homemade pumpkin swirl cheesecake. He knows I don't love pie, and that I really love cheesecake.

We ate our first Thanksgiving dinner at the Bloomington Country Club, which is always fabulous. I literally ate so much I got sick. We ate our home-made dinner later that night, at six-thirty. The next morning we hit the shops and picked up a few black Friday steals.

All in all, it was a happy holiday. I hope all of you had a good thanksgiving too, and that you are as grateful for our friendship as we are for yours!

This is one of the little turkeys my grandma made, she makes a small, edible turkey every year to set at everyone's dinner place. Cute grandma.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A birthday outfit for all to see...a birthday outfit just for me!

This is the cute outfit some great grad-school girl friends gave me for my birthday. I wore it for the first time today and had many compliments on it...all my girlfriends have such good taste. Funny, wearing something my friends had picked out personally made me miss them even more than I already do...kati and Nicole, it isn't the same to model your contribution to my fashionista personality over the internet, but it will have to do until we all end up closer....come on...there are openings in Vegas..then you are only two hours away instead of five? Any takers?

Thank you guys so much for thinking of me and keeping in touch. I love you.
Trev was at work, so I had to photo myself using the mirror in my bathroom - hence the toilet paper shot in the lower right hand corner :)
And shots of the back in the vanity, the outlet is not part of the ensemble. I love the earings! And Trev loves the tourquoise pair you sent, he constantly suggests I wear them.
Should I be embarrassed to admit that the first time I wrote my "Thank You Kati & Nicole" sign I totally forgot that mirrors reverse images. I had to really concentrate to flip all the letters into their negative...we may have learned to "write effectively" in graduate school, but they neglected to teach us the really important things like how to "write backwards effectively."

Thanks again! You guys are great!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We've got Trouble....

And that starts with a T which rhymes with a P And that means P-O-O-L!!!

We have been slated to put new carpet in the basement of our house this week. In preparation for the big day Trev and I moved all the furniture into the other basement rooms and were then left with one large the form of a pool table.

After talking with the carpet man we decided to place the pool table on some carpet sliders and just push it from one end of the room to the other as we laid the carpet. To do so we would need some serious muscles. So we called around to some neighbors and arranged a time for this morning when everyone could get together and lift. One of the houses we called belongs to our friends and neighbors Casey and Sarah.

One of the reasons I love this couple is evident in the following events. About ten minutes after I called to ask if they would come help us move the table, they called back to ask if we could all play on the table first. This sort of friendship is the best for Trevor and I, totally spontaneous and always fun. Casey and Sarah came over and we shot pool for half the night. I am officially terrible. Sarah is only slightly better....Trevor and Casey on the other hand, have us wondering about the possibilities of misspent youthes...they are pretty good.

Here are some pictures. Thanks Casey and Sarah for the fun night...and for being here bright and early to lift that table!

Could I have lined this shot up any better? Check out Trevor's antlers!

Our cheesiest picture faces
Good friends, good times!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Only in America....

Do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway
and put all our useless junk in the garage.

Well, no longer at the Linderman House! The garage at this house has always been a place to stash half-gone gallons of paint, random tools, old boxes, old boxes of stuff, and who knows what else. Add on top of all that, the stuff we brought with us when we moved in. During our move-in process we simply stuck all of our stuff in the garage and have been bringing items in one at a time as we needed. We cleared a spot for the dog bed and called it good. With family coming for the holidays I have been telling Ripsi for the last few weeks to clean her room, but let's be realistic, she is a dog and lacks opposable thumbs. It seemed the garage might be destined to be an unorganized storage room. However, by this Tuesday, Trevor's day off, he'd had it and dove into the garage project. I cam home from work to find a husband working away, building shelves, sorting and organizing. Since he was working so hard I came into the house and made him some chicken pot pie. Let me explain.

I do not like chicken pot pie all that much, but I know Trevor loves it. Since I do all of the cooking at our place I think it is unfair that I always end up making only stuff I like and some of his favorite dishes fall by the wayside. Because he was being such a trooper about the garage I decided to be a trooper about dinner. I have a spectacular pie crust recipe, and a really good from-scratch pot pie formula-- thanks to my good friend Sarah. Even though I never really care for it, I love the way it looks. I think it is pretty food. And pretty food always tastes better.
Pot Pie = Happy Husband

After dinner I went out help in the garage. Trevor had been and was working soooooooo hard. I don't know that I was much help, but I had fun helping him. So much so that I asked, "Do you love doing projects with me? I love doing projects with you." To which Trevor very diplomatically replied, "You are helpful." I think that is husband-speak for "I actually wish my guy friends or my brother or my dad was here since they can work the power-tools that I am too worried to let you touch" but I am gonna pretend that he loves it and I am most helpful, even though I don't understand what he tells me to do half the time. Here are some pictures of our progress. And of our super-duper clean garage at the end.

Trevor building shelves.

Moi, sweeping down spider webs.

We could eat off of this floor!!!

Here is Trevor and the clean garage. My favorite part of the garage now is that we hung all of Trevor's boy-scout stuff and pictures up in it. It makes it a personal space for him. The picture on the far left is a puzzle of a Scout Camp scene I put together and glued together for him while we were dating, the blue frame in the middle is a collage of him scouting that we had up at our wedding, the big photo in the middle is Trev's favorite. It is a huge poster-size print of a "hot tub" he and some others made one year at Cedar Badge. They had a big metal drum and built a fire underneath it....anyone else picture boiled scouts? The little pictures are some other Scout placards and things, and the white board with hooks is a coat hanger that says "On My Honor" that I made him when we were engaged.

We worked until 1:00 AM to finish the garage project. Poor Ripsi kept looking at us as if to say "Get out of my bedroom! And stop all that pounding and hammering! Don't you know Dogs sleep around here?" She finally laid down on her bed and refused to get up for anything. Trevor tucked her in like a little cocoon, and she was so cranky and tired at us she didn't even move. We took her clue, called it a night and went to bed ourselves.
Here is our parting shot from the clean garage. Cut me some slack....I look awful, it was late. We are so happy to check this project off of our list! Hooray for us.

One Quirky Chic

I was tagged by both Lyndi and Ashley for I suppose that means I must do it right away, after all, there are people out there dying to know the odd things about me. Here it is:

6 Quirks About Yourself

  1. I love NERDS candy - only I have to sort and eat them by color. I do this same thing with any artificially colored candy, skittle, smarties, MMs, etc. But NERDS are my favorite.

  2. I eat only one thing off of my dinner plate at a time during meals. And I do this clockwise, beginning at 6:00, literally turning my plate so that the food item I want to eat first is in that position.

  3. I HATE the sound that the wind in the car makes when only one window in the backseat is rolled down...that thumping, thrumming, hum sort of sound. (Trevor knows this and will do it when he is driving, just to drive me nuts).

  4. I can sing every lyric to every CHER song ever recorded.

  5. I no longer allow Trevor to put away his own laundry, because I like everything in our closets to be sorted by sleeve length and color, and he always fouls up the system.

  6. I still totally sleep with a stuffed animal...can't believe I just admitted this online.

So - there is is...sure you still want to be friends with me? I might be the oddest person you know. Then again, if birds of a feather truly do flock together I have a sneaking suspicion that there are some of you out there equally as strange as me. So, to find out for sure, I tag Stacey, Lacy, Katy C., Nicole, Cyn, Celese and Kylie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Loving Memory

Today marks the three year anniversary of a tragic car accident three years ago, in which Trevor's young cousin, Sam, was killed. It is an event that has impacted every day of Trevor's life, and the lives of his family members. I never had the privilege to personally meet Sam, I only know him through the stories Trev and others have told me...but we think about him often, and especially on this day. He was a special and choice child. While thinking of such things today I remembered a beautiful quote by the philosopher Seneca the Younger, who said, "The day we fear as our last is the birthday of eternity." For words to lend expression to a date today and an event from the past that always render us utterly expressionless, I think Seneca captures my faith in humanity's ultimate immortality perfectly. And somehow this offers some comfort, to view such a sad and tragic anniversary as an eternal birthday for a loved one.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why is it....

that "husband clothes" are the most comfortable...even though they are way too big

And much too long...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Affairs of the last few days

While I have been "graduated" and off from Graduate school since last May I still had a bit of remaining paperwork with USU concerning my thesis. I needed to get my final Dean's signatures, turn my documents into PDF files and upload them to the Library, and have my thesis bound for USU. Though I have been managing this process primarily by mail and email since moving South, Trevor and I decided it might be good for me to make one last trip to Logan and cut my last ties with Utah State in person. School here had some scheduled events that interrupted regular class time and so I made a last minute trip North. I arrived late Wednesday night and stayed with Trevor's brother and his wife in my old house that Trev and I last lived in. I thought it would feel like coming home to be back in Logan, only it didn't.

Isn't it odd that things can exist in you mind in the last state where you left them? My Logan has been suspended in an eternal Summer season, with flowers lining neighbor's homes and the USU campus all but empty for the summer session. The Logan I spent the last few days in has seemingly suddenly fast-forwarded to cool autumn, with winter beginning to seep into the valley and the campus that was once so familiar felt entirely foreign. I suppose if you can't ever really go home again you can also not really ever return to Graduate School. It was odd...and in some ways sad for me...good, but a little sad.
Here I am turning in the final bit of paperwork. Good bye Grad School and USU

On a happier note - I did get to see old friends, though not as for as much time as I would have liked. Dan, Russ, Lyra, Kati it was fabulous for the three minutes that it lasted. Thanks for being on campus when I was in town. :)

I did spend a significant amount of time with my spectacular little sister in law, mostly because I forced her to hang out with me and used her parking place in the Aggie Terrace to do all my dashing around and avoid parking tickets. Stacey is one of the most darling girls I know, she is brilliant and funny. I love spending time with her, she may be one of the biggest benefits of marrying my husband!

Thursday after I did all the thesis + paper work buisness I could do Stacey and I grabbed Thai food at Kamin - one place I desperately miss about Logan, the best Thai food I have ever had- Stacey had never been before, so we had a good time and I ate way too many crystal noodles.

After Stacey rolled me and my stuffed belly out of Kamin we hopped in the car and headed to SLC to hit up a play, Into the Woods, that I had tickets for. My Thai food wore off by Brigham City (I am a bottomless pit) and we stopped to get milkshakes to celebrate an end to dating...or at least an end to dating scuzzy guys...Stacey because she just called things off with a lying sneak (who desperately wants to be back with her, but she is holding out and moving on, Good girl!) and me because I already have a fabulous husband who will still climb into bed with me at night when I am wearing a green face-mask, a flannel nightgown, and curlers. Ahh, marriage.

We then made our way to SLC. We had a bit of time to kill before the play began and we ended up at the strangest mall I have ever been to. Nicole, I know you are a west-side girl, so you will have to tell me where we were at, (the mall kiddi-corner from the E-Center?) It had the strangest little shops, but we had a blast. We found some cute and cheap earings (are there really any other kind?) and the best T-Shirts for 2.99. Stacey saw the shirt first, but I loved it so we decided I could have one too, we just can't ever pack them when we go on vaccation together...or, as I suggested, we could just start a band and where them all the time. Here are our fabulous selves:
Any suggestions for our band name? I am thinking a modern-day Bengals sort of theme...we could call ourselves the Peacocks, but it just doesn't have the same ring.

After our spectacular peacock-inspired find we jumped back in the car to head over the the Hale Center Theater. However there was also an event at the E-Center that night, so it took us over an hour to move our car a block and a half. I parked at the first spot I saw and we made a mad dash in our heels to get to the Will-Call window. An effort that was wasted when the theater host explained that some of the actors were caught in traffic as well. The show started late but was completely worth it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great hit. Enjoy some images, not from the production we saw, but instead ripped off from a Google Image search:
I really did think was an incredible play. The underlying theme is "Be Careful What You Wish For." The literary analysis possibilities are endless. It was interesting to talk about it with Stacey on the way back, as we were each empathetic towards different characters for different reasons. Good food for thought shared through fabulous lyrics.

Friday I spent most of the day wrapping up thesis stuff, finally getting it all done and saying goodbye to USU. I drove back immediately, because I had to host book club Saturday afternoon (which went well). It was a fast trip, but I got a lot done so that makes it worth it.

In Book club this month we are reading Hearts In Hiding by Betsey Brannon Green - it is a book that I would never pick up on my own, just judging by what I have heard about it so far, but that is the point of a book club right? Anyone who wants to read along, feel free.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Literary Lindermans

Among my top qualifications for a spouse were that he had to be smart and he had to be a reader. Trevor is both. One of the things that I love about my husband is that every few months he says this, "We need to be reading more."

In all actuality, we really do read quite a bit. But we certainly go through different phases where we devour books and others where we slowly plod through one or two novels. We are currently in a devouring phase.

And perhaps, it is just because I have reading on my mind lately, but I seem to be having many more conversations with friends about what books I am reading. And, since I have nothing else to blog about today I thought I would share our literary interests with you people.

Thus, see the right-hand column of my blog and ooh and ahh over my new Shelfari. A shelfari is a book shelf widget, and its appearance on my blog is the love-child inspiration of two dear friend's blogs, Nicole and Kylie. My friend Nicole has a Shelfari on her blog that showcases her favorite books. My friend Kylie has a widget on her blog that lists the current books she and her husband are reading individually and together. I loved both concepts, and so my Shelfari was born.

On my shelfari you will find the books Trevor and I are reading on our own, as well as the ones we are reading together. You can also find the book I am currently reading for book club, and the past book club books as well. I will try to update this each time we begin a new book.

If you move your mouse over the books on my shelf you can see our reviews for each of the books. I am finishing up Land of 100 Wonders tonight, which then, of course, begs the question from all of you....anyone have any good book recommendations?

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Heat is On

I made Trevor turn the heat on this weekend. I was planning to hold out until the end of November, but it has suddenly become chilly here in sunny St. George, I even wore a coat to work today. Our thermometer reads a "brrrrr"-deserving 43 degrees Fahrenheit, with a projected high of 55 today. I now believe this to be cold. What can I say? When you acclimatize to 80 and 90 degree weather you become a wuss. The little taste of chill has me nervous about our planned holiday trip to Idaho. Maybe all of you lovely people should be coming down here for can wear shorts and sandals...and our temperature will be back to 78 this Thursday...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Most Fabulous Birthday

I have had an incredible day, thanks largely to my husband. I was not to keen on turning 24 this year, because I am starting to feel old, like I am through one quarter of my life already. But Trevor made this day so sweet and fun all I could do was tell him "I am so happy it's my birthday!" approximately 100 million times. He really made it fun and special. Trev took the day off of work and we just had a wonderful time together.

When I returned from work around 12:00 Trevor surprised me by telling me that my birthday gift from him was a shopping spree! What girl would not love this? We headed to the local outlet mall, where Trevor spoiled me rotten by buying me one new skirt, a new shirt, a new set of earings and an entire outfit of a skirt, tank, shirt, vest and scarf. Here are my fashionista shots:

Trevor saw this outfit on a display and loved it. I think it is fun and am excited to wear it off to work tomorrow. I love scarf weather.

I love this bright bohemian skirt. It is just a happy piece of clothing.

After shopping and getting spoiled rotten, we went to the grocery store where we picked out my favorite foods for dinner tonight. But before we cooked dinner Trevor said we could do one more thing, I choose to go to the dog park with Ripsi, because it is pretty much my favorite place in the world. I am a dog nerd. We had so much fun. These are just a few of my favorite pictures from the park.

Aren't you glad that we shake hands instead of sniff each other?

After the dog park outing we came home where Trevor made a spectacular dinner. it was amazing. There was so much food! He made me French Onion Soup, grilled Steak, Shrimp, Mashed potatoes, green beans, chocolate pudding and we had chocolate cake too. He is incredible. Dinner was so good I just kept eating...I am pretty sure I gained a lot of weight tonight. But hey, you are only 24 once.
After dinner we curled up on the family room floor and watched a movie. Thank you to everyone that made this a really spectacular birthday. I loved all the cards, gifts, phone calls, emails, texts, and birthday blog comments. Thank you again!
My birthday was one of the happiest. I just really enjoyed being with Trevor. The entire day I told him I felt like I didn't have a care in the world, we laughed and played and simply had a wonderful day. My husband is amazing, he is such a good man, and just knowing he will always be there when I get home, birthday or no, is the best gift a girl could get.

Politics Postponed

I have a political "discourse" (rant) to throw out about last night's events...but seeing as how my adorable husband made me such a sweet birthday post I will postpone it until tomorrow, and instead bask in the glow of "twenty-fourness." Tune in tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Chelsi's Birthday

This is her birthday song.... it isn't very long.

Well the day has finally come, it is Chelsi's 24 birthday she has been anxiously awaiting this birthday because it marks her last official year of rounding down to 20.

As part of my official birthday post/wish I would like to tell her, on her blog the easiest way to get in touch with my wife, that I love and appreciate all she does for me, and I hope she has the happiest 24 a girl could have.

I have a special day planned for her tomorrow so we'll be sure to take some pictures and post more later. But be sure to wish her a happy day in your own special way. Hopefully we'll get some "good" birthday wishes for her to enjoy.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Хорошее Воссоединение (A Good Reunion)

Saturday was a special treat. A few months ago, largely thanks to the recent blogging fascination, I got back into contact with a girl I lived with when I was in Russia 5 years ago. I had been in Russia for about a week or so when I came home to my apartment one day to find this strange, blonde girl zonked out on my couch. My other roomate, Alissa, explained that her name was Jamie and that she would be living with us.
Jamie and me on the Metro in Russia...we spent lots of time here, the first time we tried to negotiate the metro system by ourselves we were lost for more than 2 hours.

There are so many precious memories I have of my time in Russia, and of the people who I lived and worked with there, Jamie certainly among them. I have lost contact with nearly everyone else, so I was thrilled when Jamie emailed to say she and her husband were making a trip to St. George and wanted to get together. We met them for lunch at the Olive Garden and spent the afternoon talking and eating, but mostly talking. Seriously - we were at the restaurant for 2 1/2 hours (the longest I have ever sat in an Olive Garden in one day...except maybe for the time after Ryan and Amy's wedding...but that is another story).
Jamie and me brushing our teeth in a public park in St. Petersburg, waiting for the Hermitage to open, we'd spent the last day and night on a train.

It was so good to see Jamie and reminisce. It is funny that I ended up marrying Trevor and she ended up marrying her husband (Nate) because we both remembered each other talking and telling stories about these men back when they were just love interests and dating dramas. It all made for a good laugh and a fun trip down memory lane.
Jamie, me and Alissa- our other room mate- in St. Petersburg, in front of the "Winter Palace"

Thanks Nate and Jamie so much! We hope to make it down your way soon! (Let us know when you have/bless the newest member of the Webster family!)

Jamie and me today, five - almost six - years later. What a great reunion.