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Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Live in the sunshine, Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since our resident temperature has averaged 107F this past week we were looking for a cool escape today. Opportunity presented itself to spend the morning at lake before Trevor had to go to work. We packed a picnic lunch and loaded into the car. We were really excited to go and extra excited to use our new kayak!Our new kayak is actually 2 years old. A couple of years ago Trev and I had an amazing opportunity to spend a week rafting the Salmon River with some of the most incredible people in the world, the Tonsmiere family from Salmon, Idaho. After we had so much fun in their kayaks we were talking and talking about how we wanted to buy our own kayak. A week or so later in the mail appeared a HUGE package containing a two-man kayak with a note that just said "Enjoy - Fran." Fran is one of the most kind, generous, understanding people I have ever met. We were overwhelmed by her kindness and were excited to have our very own kayak. However, we have been so busy, and my work schedule was so crazy last summer we never got a chance to use it.

So we busted out our kayak today. We bought a pump on our way out and had to pump it up. We couldn't get as much air in it as we wanted. But it was enough just to float on the lake. However, we definitely need more to take it down the hoeback in August.Ripsi wasn't crazy about the boat at first. She pretty much was terrified for the first fifteen minutes. But then she calmed down and I think she even enjoyed it. I wish I had pictures of her relaxed and laying down in the bow. She looked so cute. We worried about her the whole time though and decided that we need to pick up a dog-life jacket just in case she bails in the middle of the lake next time and panics. Last thing I wanna do is try to rescue/wrestle an 85 pound doberman in the water.

Of course - we had to improvise a little bit since our two man (and one dog) kayak is not big enough for 3 people. We also brought the floating bed we use in the swimming pool and took turns being towed around by the raft. It was a great way to ride. We couldn't get a photo of all of us showcasing this system, but here are Stacey and I modeling the concept.
We enjoyed out picnic lunch and made it home just in time for Trevor to shower and head to work. It was so hot and since Ripsi loved the lake so much we also decided it was time to get her a swimming pool this afternoon. Hey - other people buy these things for their kids, and she is the closest thing I have to a child. We found a great plastic pool and filled it up. She wasn't too sure at first, so I tried to coax her in.Then she hopped in on her own...but she mostly seems to think the pool is a giant water bowl. Oh well, If Emerson thought like a dog I'm sure he would have written: "Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and Drink the hose water out of your swimming pool."


Bart and Sandra said...

It looks like soooo much fun!!!Wish we were there to share it with you. Sure do enjoy your photos.

Suzy & Todd said...

k that water looks disgusting. Seriously I'm worried about you contracting an illness from swimming in it.