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Sunday, July 12, 2009

For Rissa...

For a pretty decent portion of my life my cousin Clarissa and I have been told that we look alike or that we look like sisters. When I switched schools from Ririe to Madison it took awhile to convince everyone that I was just Rissa's cousin and not her sister.

Rissa and I haven't seen each other for years. We live completely different lives - she is an adorable mother of two - soon to be three and lives in Texas and I am...well, if you read this blog you know who and what I am. In fact - I am not sure we have spent hardly any time together since we have been married. I think I have only met her husband Pat a couple of times and while she knows Trev from high school we haven't all exactly hung out. We do, however, keep in touch via the blog network. Which is why her comment on my last post about the Moab fabulousness absolutely made me crack up:
Pat was looking at this picture of you guys and said---"Wow, that looks like it could be a picture of Trevor Linderman and you....except your hair isn't red, and you don't hike." I wish I had your hair (as you already know from my chopping-your-hair-off days) and that I hiked. Way to be both.
The comment took me right back to those old look-a-like days and I couldn't help but think of a time in my life - really maybe the only time - that I really thought I was lucky enough to resemble my beautiful cousin. So I dug into old picture files and found these:
Forgive the goofy wanna-be-model poses. I was 19, bored one night in a foreign country. While living in Russia my red hair became a sort of curse. Red hair isn't a common trait in Russian genetics and in old Russian culture redheads are considered to be "lucky" Because of this there were times that we would be out and I would have strangers petting my head, which, may be one of the most random violating things. So one day at an outdoor market my friend Christy and I picked up wigs. Ironically, Christy bought a red wig just for fun and I bought a blonde wig to wear on occasion - especially late at night. These pictures were taken of us "modeling" our wigs. I remember printing the pictures at a Russian kiosk and after picking them up looking through them and saying "Holy crap. I really do kinda look like Rissa. Weird."

So - Riss - Pat - these are for you. I always considered it the highest compliment to be compared to you. I think it must be those Sutton cheeks. Love you - as for the rest of my dear readers - Moab coming soon, Promise.


Clarissa Meegan said...

Oh my HECK! I loved this post! I was cracking up the whole time. I was totally taken aback when I saw you with the blonde hair...and although I think you even pull that off better than me...that last picture of you I could seriously trade in with a few of mine from my shorter hair days.

And I've always taken it as the highest compliment that we look alike. You're right...must be those Sutton cheeks :)

Man. This post made me miss you. I think we need to plan a bouldering trip in Moab...

Heather said...

I remember when you emailed those pictures to me! You tried to convince me that you had truly dyed and chopped your hair, and in my 3am-working-on-a-paper mind, I believed you. *memories* And how random, I was reading through some of our emails from those crazy Russia/freshman year days the other week while Andrew was gone for Scout camp.

Nate and Jamie said...

Haha, I had totally forgotten about those wigs! What living in a foreign country won't make you do. Side note, looking back can you believe that you were actually leaning against that wall?? Haha it looks so gross now, probablly the way it looked when we were first got there. :) But it was just home after a couple of weeks.

Clarissa Meegan said...

By the way--should I be reading into your boy name comment?