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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last time we were at the doctor, while looking at the ultrasound, the doctor told me if the baby always moves as much as it was in the picture I should start to feel flutters soon, maybe even in the next week or two.

Last night there was the oddest sensation in my stomach. I don't know how to really explain it - other than maybe if there was someone blowing a bubble in my stomach the bubble popped. Not in a painful way - but just like there was some sort of quick expansion and then decrease. I have felt the same feeling once this morning.

I have no idea what it my question is for all you mommies out there, what does a flutter feel like?


Stacey said...

aw! exciting! :( i wish i was still in St. George with you guys!

Ashley said...

that could have very well been a "flutter". mine always felt like a gas bubble moving through my system and then it would be gone. some say they feel like strong butterflies. congrats hun! feeling movement is so exciting!

Erin and Ty said...

Like that. I didn't start feeling them until I was about 14 weeks though... But just like small gas bubbles. I think you just know in your heart that it's not gas though! Just wait, soon you'll know for sure it's the little one when they get their foot caught up in your rib cage, or kick you so hard in the bladder that you pee a little :)

Clint & Tiffany said...

Yup- just as all the others have said- little bubbles and butterfly flutters!! It is so fun and you'll enjoy it more when it is a hard kick and a total roll in your belly that makes it move!! Then its real!! :D So excited for you!