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Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Favorite-est pregnancy conversation

While visiting with good friends:

B: "Hey Chelsi, I have the perfect cosutme for you this Halloween."
Me: "If you say a pumpkin I will throw this shoe at your head."
B: "No, not a pumpkin."
Me: "If you say anything that makes me look even fatter I will throw this shoe at your head."
B: "An Anaconda!"
Me: "An Anaconda?"
B: "yeah, an anaconda that just ate something...cause you know how they get that buldge after they eat? You would be a perfect anaconda."

I think I may have hissed as I laughed hysterically and the random suggestion.


Shalee said...

these conversations serve as my comic awkward- so FUNNY! (PICS?)

Landon and Kylie said...

Hahaha! I think you should try it, just because I want to see that!

Adam and Ady said...

My vote is for you to totally do it! :)

Beth Tunnell said...

Or, you could do a team dress up. Trevor- milkman You- the housewife... Some friends of mine had a pretty good time that Halloween.

Ang said...

LOL. That is a pretty funny idea. You have so many random conversations when you're pregnant. (And dreams... have you started having those incredibly vivid dreams yet?)

Nate and Jamie said...

Ha Ha I love it! And throwing the shoes at the head just makes the story all the better. Nate said that you better be careful because in Iraq thats a jailable offense! At least if your throwing them at a U.S president. "B" doesnt stand for Bush does it?