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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cousins by chance, Friends by choice

There is nothing like having cousins when you are a kid. They are your built-in best friends. I have so many very cherished memories of spending Saturdays and Summer days playing, talking and hanging out with my cousins. At family reunions and events they are the ones I am most excited to see. When our grandmas send out newsletters they are the ones I most anxiously read about. I still think about them even though I haven't seen some for years and we live on opposoite sides of the country, becuase cousins are truly childhood playmates that grow up to be your forever friends.

Which is why I am so EXCITED for my baby to have so many cousins and second-cousins arriving around the same time!

On Trevor's maternal side there are four cousins that are close in age. Trev, Ty, Ryan and A.J. We really enjoy spending time with all of them, and are especially close with Ty and his wife Erin. Ty and Erin have a beautiful little girl who is six months old. I cannot wait for our kids to play together. Ryan and his wife Amy are expecting a little girl in January, and we just found out that AJ & his wife Summer will have a little one in May. We talked to Trev's grandpa on the phone last night and he said it best, "I am going to have tons of little great-grandkids soon." All of this eqauls 3 cousins and playmates for our baby

Then there is my Flamm family side (relatives of my stepmother). We are a really close family. One of my favorite events every two years is the Flamm Family reunion. We held a reunion this summer - and I already cannot wait for 2011 because then we will have my little rugrat running around along with My cousin Emily & Will's AND my other cousin Jared & Cassie's. Add another 2 cousins for our little guy/gal.

Of course, we can't stop counting cousins there - On Trevor's dad's side we also just learned our cousin Emily and her husband are expecting a baby just shortly after us. We don't get to see them much, but are excited for them, and extra excited for our Grandma Thelma who gets her first two great-grandchildren right in a row. So that makes 1 more cousin!

All of these SIX second cousins will be fun, BUT...the very best cousin we are expecting of all, has to be a first cousin! That is right. Lacy, my baby sister, is also expecting. And get this - my due date is March 15, 2010...Lacy's is March 18, 2010. Now how crazy is that?


Josh and Lyndi Smith said...

How exciting and fun to share this experiece! Tell lacy congrats!

Stacey said...

i didn't know about emily. crazy. so crazy. so exciting!!

Shalee said...

Its almost like you and Lacy planned this or something ;) j/k...I know you didn't but that is CRAZY!! Too fun! Babies in my family come in twos and threes, so there are always cousins close together it seems. It's a blast!

Clarissa Meegan said...

WOW! WOW! Great cool is that?

Erin and Ty said...

I hope our little ones are great friends! If only you guys didn't live so dang far away!

Heather said...

What great news! Congrats to Lacey! That will be so fun to have all the kids the same age.