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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I know you know about me.

I know you have been looking my way, sighing and shaking your head in disappointment.

I have read the comments - the subtle and the blatant.

I have even dodged some phone calls...because I know the subject would be brought up in conversation.

I admit my guilt. I am a BAD BLOGGER.

Seriously, I am. And I drive myself crazy. I thrive on your updates, your witty diatribes, the dramatic accounts of your every-day events - and yet, when I sit down to write all of my own stuff seems so boring.

Or, maybe that is what I tell myself so I don't have to write - so that I can just contentedly lurk around in your blogs and worlds while contributing nothing to my own.

Or, perhaps I am just busy...this seems like an accurate justification. After all, I work, have been writing-directing-and this weekend finally producing a HUGE ward play, I have been sewing costumes, planning hall-o-ween parties, gearing up for the primary program, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, getting ready for hunting season, sorta shopping for baby paraphernalia, Studying for the GRE subject test, reading for book club, switching from summer crops to winter crops in my garden, organizing the basement, scrap booking like mad, dealing with the backyard Sprinkler system and occasionally hanging out with my husband.

Or, maybe I am still in some sort of pregnancy depression/exhaustion funk. Evidenced by the fact that I am down to three pairs of pants that still fit (one pair that is turquoise and the other pair brown cords...and let's be honest, how many times a week can you pull those off?) and by the following comment from an eight-year-old in my neighborhood: "You look like a bee stung your belly. You are poofy."

Or, it could be that I avoid blogging now because my lovely little laptop died after extensive warning from my husband that there were too many pictures on the hard-drive and as penance for my sins He is dragging his feet on fixing it for me. And no lap-top means no pictures, and isn't that what you all really look for anyway?

And you would know all of that if only I was a better blog updater.

All excuses, justifications and cuteness aside, I really am sorry. I promise to do better. And - because blog posts are better with pictures and because my computer is still broken. Here are some chickens.


Stacey said...

you dork. chickens? haha. i liked the update though. and although you can make it sound like you are insanely busy... i know you, i see through you, i'm willing to guess that you still have time to watch... what is it these days...? teletubbies? instead of blog ;) ;) i'm totally kidding. love you much and i hope your laptop gets working soon!

Landon and Kylie said... worries, we still love you. Josh informed me the other day that he doesn't read my blog because "it's boring, not cool like Chelsea's." So there you go. I do love when you post new things though, so please keep it coming! When do we get to see pictures of you "all poofy?" :)

Cynthia said...

I forgive you and I go through my own blogging funk ever now and then. Pregnancy was my excuse, but I have been better lately. I'm not very witty though, do you like to read my blog? Can't wait to hear more about your life, I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Will you answer if I call? I won't bring up the blog. :)

Ashley said...

im always glad to see a new post from you...nothing you ever write is boring. and im dying to see some belly shots...i know it's embarassing but we really do love to see them.

Shalee said...

I was on the fence on the whole forgiveness thing, but the chickens put me over the edge :) You are way too awesome to begrudge for something like blog-slacking!!

Adam and Ady said...

Love the chickens :) You did mention pregnancy as a funk...but you forgot to mention pregnancy as something that is keeping you busy. It is exhausting growing a little monster inside of you. That in itself is reason to take a blogging hiatus. :) You go take a nap and read your book and all of those millions of things that you are doing (you are nuts to be that busy by the way!). Everyone can deal with the disappearance :) and we will still love you!! :)

Clarissa Meegan said...

Because of the chickens...I forgive you.

Josh and Lyndi Smith said...

It is easy to forgive when you are way worse... I of all people understand a good blogger-funk. Glad you are back on.

Clint & Tiffany said...

i just want to see a prego pict of you when you do get a pict and your computer fixed!! Lets see this "puffiness" :D

Heather said...

I'll forgive you if you give more info on this play you've been writing. Seriously, who does that?!

Beth Tunnell said...

I still think that the Lord might have helped with the pregnancy thing because of your blog about not having enough things to clean...