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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Geared Up

I married a "Gear head" which, according the Urban Dictionary is: (n) A hiker whose main focus is backpacking and outdoor gear." I had to scroll across the entire page to be sure Trevor's picture was not uploaded anywhere along with the definition.

On second thought - maybe I will email his photo to the web-administrator, since he fits the ticket so perfectly.

Trevor loves outdoor anything...and really loves the outdoor anything equipment that comes with such activities. He has all sorts of backpacking, hiking, camping, white-water rafting, biking, and rock-climbing gear.So it on naturally follows that anyone who comes into Trevor's life must also be properly geared out. So it wasn't a huge surprise to me that for all the occasions since we have been married Trev has gifted me with gear. For my birthday the first year we were married I got hiking shoes, then I got a -15 degree mummy bag, then a backpack, then whitewater paddles and life jackets, then a bike rack, then biking gloves, camping lanterns, coleman stoves, an amazing cooler that I could literally fit a body in. In fact, this year is the first time he gave me something not out-doorsy for my birthday (an incredible sewing machine that all my family pitched in on and that deserves its own post coming soon!) And I am pretty sure that he only went that direction this year instead of in the rock0climbing gear way because I cannot wear a belay harness while I am pregnant.

And its not just me. As soon as Ripsi was big enough she got this to haul backpacking:And this to wear boating and rafting.PLUS - her life jacket matches ours!
We are such outdoor enthusiasts that one of our biggest concerns about the "baby development" is that we are going to lose a significant part of this life. And while we know things will change...instead of letting the baby beat us into staying home, we decided to enable the baby to join us in going out. So while most people might think of booties and blankets when it comes to baby gear - this is what we are thinking:

Stroller wheels that look like this:
So we can walking, jogging on trails that aren't perfectly paved.

And hiking mobility that looks like this:I love this pack. Trev's parents gave it to me for my birthday. It is a Kelty pack - which is probably my favorite backpacking brand - next to the way-too-expensive arcteryx brand.

And finally - last weekend when I met my mom, grandma and sister for a day of baby shopping in Provo, (also a soon-to-come-post) I got this!
This tent might be my favorite baby gear yet. How cool is it? It folds up teeny-tiny to a light 4lbs and is designed to take anywhere outdoors. This way when we are camping or hike in to hang out somewhere for a few hours and the baby falls asleep I can lay him/her in here on the little air mattress bottom, and zip them in safe from bugs, and dogs and too much sun. I really think this will come in handy. (Thanks again Mom and Grandma!)

So baby Linderman is off to a good start in the gear world. Trev has also been perusing these contraptions you can use to lift and lower your baby up cliff faces while rock-climbing. However, my love for gear ends there and I have given a solid "NO" to the entire idea. Our child will have to get a little (lot) bigger before I will feel good about watching it cling to rocks way up in the air. But until then...we have an extreme stroller, awesome kangaroo pack and fabulous, teeny-person tent.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday

It is true - today I am old. A whopping 25. Birthdays were so much more exciting when I was younger, but today has been a pretty nice one. As far as getting old goes. Trev has been at school all day - and I will celebrate with him later tonight, but I did want to quickly post one neat thing I got to do on my birthday for a present. A 3 D ultrasound. Crazy. The lady was really nice - she took a lot of pictures and was very careful to avoid any gender revealing shots. Here are my favorites. Click on them to make them bigger.Here is the baby sucking it's thumb. I also love the little toes down in the left hand corner.We were trying to get the baby to move around more - she/he was probably asleep - so we jostled my tummy around to get it to move and this is apparently what it thought about the whole idea, since it lifted both hands up to hide its face. And don't worry - for those of you staring intently at the space between those two legs at the bottom - the ultrasound lady assured me you couldn't see a thing down there - the umbilical cord is all wadded up in front of whatever parts may or may not be there.This is a little elbow resting on a knee. Isn't that cute? Check out the spine and ribs you can see as well. Still being camera shy - but check out that ear and chin.
This was the best face shot we could ever get - you can see nose and lips and eyes and fingers right up next to the mouth.
This last picture is especially for my mom. Every time my mom holds a sleeping baby she says the same thing, "Look at those little rosebud lips." So here you go mom - and soon-to-be grandma - look at those perfect rosebud lips!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Hunting We Have Gone...

I am late getting this up here - but just barely got the pictures put onto my computer.We went hunting again this year. I love hunting season. Ever since I was a little girl hunting has been a big event on my mom's side of the family. We all gather at our family land in Scofield Utah where we eat great food, see amazing animals and just generally relax and enjoy each other's company.This year was the best, because everyone's schedules worked out so that we could all be to the Mountain at the same time. Last year we missed hanging out with Lacy and Hank.
I also love to see the other hunters that come to our Mountain. The "California hunters" have been coming to the Mountain my whole life. These are wonderful men that have literally known me since I was a baby. They are always kind and are good for a joke, a political rant or two, and, of course, numerous stories about past hunting adventures.

We had extra fun this year zipping all around on the Rhino ATV's my grandparents bought. Trevor is now convinced he needs a street-worthy Rhino to go to school in. I have told him to just keep dreaming. :) The Rhino's were especially great because they ride the rough mountain roads a bit easier than the trucks do. I only got sick from the bumping once then entire time we were hunting - and the Rhino has no side windows- so vomiting was even convenient.Trev also harvested a nice deer, and just in time because we have used all of our meat from last year. I have already consumed nearly one entire smoked summer sausage by myself. Trevor tells me I am supposed to share that stuff, and I just smile and say that the baby made me eat it.

We really did have a wonderful time. Thanks to mom, Dan, Grandma, Grandpa and Lacy & Hank for being there. You are the best!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Too weird

I know at the 20 week ultrasound you are supposed to primarily be excited. And I was excited to see our baby - I was also pretty freaked out. The last time we saw the little guy/gal it mostly looked like a little sausage. This time it looked like a baby. I know that should be comforting - and on one level it definitely is. But on another level I found myself thinking, "Oh dear. It really is a baby in there...a baby that is going to come out in a few months. Oh dear."
Though this anxiety subsided a bit when we got to watch its little hands and feet. That was pretty amazing. We watched the baby literally just kick and kick me for a minute. Which explains a lot about all of the movement I feel. Even the ultrasound tech said we have one of the wiggliest babies she has ever seen. It really is such a strange and incredible process. We did have the opportunity to find out the gender...but we closed our eyes and said we didn't want to know, so we are still holding strong on the "Let's do it the old-fashioned way" front. Anyone want to place any bets on what will be arriving in the next 4 1/2 months?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture Collage

Click the link below to see a mural collage of all the guests that attended the Murder Mystery party

BigHugeLabs: Do fun stuff with your photos

Murder Mystery

There is something everyone should know about me, and that is that I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It really and truly might be my favorite Holiday.

I have such great memories as a kid about Halloween - I loved the local carnival every year, and I loved going Trick-or-Treating with my Dad who always dressed up in an awesome costume. I loved the sweet little old ladies in my childhood neighborhood who went to great lengths to make Halloween special - Bessie Wilcox who was always Witchy Boo-Boo with a huge maze (made of blankets and cushions) in her house that we had to crawl through to find our treats (homemade popcorn balls) and Rusty Smith who made home-made candied or Carmel apples each year. What kid wouldn't love this?

Sometimes it really bums me out that trunk-or-treating has replaced the long, cold walks I loved taking as a kid, and that most parents don't trust their neighbors and frown on any kind of homemade trick-or-treats (which is so weird to me 'cause everyone exchanges homemade goodies at Christmas...but anyway) I know that is the world we live in...but it still makes me sad.

I was also super sad at that time in my life when I was too old to trick-or-treat - but still too young to attend Halloween parties.

And I am always bummed if we don't get to do something festive - which was the case last year.

So this year I refused to be a Halloween-bum. Enlisting the help of a friend - we decided to throw a murder mystery dinner party.

And so the planning began. We choose a vampire-themed murder mystery. It is built around the storyline that there is a global vampire slayer killing vampires throughout the world. So the most powerful vampires have gathered to figure out what to do. Of course, the Slayer is actually one of them, there is a murder and everyone must figure out who did it.

Murder mysteries operate on the concept that characters are quirky and extreme. Trev played the host character Stat LeBaCourt, who is known for telling ridiculous jokes and randomly bursting into song. Other characters would laugh hysterically every time someone said the word blood, etc. Each guest is assigned their character in advance and given costume suggestions. The dinner is divided into three sections - appetizers, dinner and dessert. At each session each guest receives a clue prompt that tells them clues to reveal to other guests in conversation and clues to conceal. During dinner the murder takes place. During the dessert round the characters accuse each other of being the murderer, and the murderer eventually reveals him or herself.There are also games played throughout the party. The best game was that guests were divided into 24 teams and given a roll of toilet paper to make a cape out of. One member of the group had to model the cape to "I'm Too Sexy." That was my favorite - it was hilarious.We served the following:

  • Stuffed Eyeballs (stuffed olives)
  • Villain Vegetables (veggie tray)
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Blood Soup (home-made Tomato soup)
  • Dead bats Wings (home-made wings)
  • Soul-Sucking Salad (pasta salad)
  • Corpse Casserole (green bean casserole)
  • Funeral Potatoes
  • "I Can't Believe it's not Garlic" Garlic Bread
  • Graveyard Cups (pudding with oreos)
We had soo many funeral potatoes- the only thing we could mix them in was a cooler

We had 22 guests - so it was a good turnout. Everyone looked GREAT! We took pictures of each couple as they arrived, and I am now working to put a copy of each couple's picture into a thank you note to get out to them later this week.

It was a TON of work - we cooked the night before until 4 AM, we decorated the clubhouse where we held the party, we burned CD's for background music and then we had to clean it all up too.

PLUS - I made Trev's costume. He loved it and I also think it looked pretty good. He even wore it to work and a co-worker offered to buy all the material plus pay me to make him one for next year. So I was pretty proud of myself.

The only thing I am bummed about is that I was so busy hostessing and serving food I missed out on getting photos of the best parts of the night - like when some guests randomly broke into the Thriller dance when it was on. Or when Trev and Michelle C. led everyone in the "Time Warp" dance. Hilarious! Luckily, my friend Sarah said she got some of it on video - so when I get the files I will post them up here.

Overall, I think the party was pretty successful. There were some mishaps - we learned a lot about how to host and run a murder mystery party - so next year I think it will be even better. We are going to make it into an annual event, and already have next year's theme all picked out. It will be a Disney Character Themed murder mystery. I am way excited - now I just have to wait 12 more months. :)