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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Beginning of the End....

We saw the doctor yesterday - it seems my body is already getting ready to do this thing. I have started dilating and the baby is pretty effaced. Scary and exciting. I am convinced that God, in all infinite wisdom, makes the last month of pregnancy so miserable that even people like me are ready to actually have the child. My brain just keeps saying - "Let's get this done. I don't totally know what actual parenthood entails, and I am still terrified, but it can't be worse than this. Bring it on."

Anyway...turns out we might have a baby before March 15 - the doctor seems to think there is a good chance it could be an early arrival (He is now guessing anytime between now and March 6) He also thinks it won't even quite weigh 7 lbs, probably in the 5 or 6 range (hallelujah!)

Until then you can find me out walking and walking and walking.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do

It always has been. However, I find myself thinking lately about how much harder social networking sites like Facebook and even our blogs make it. We have had a number of friends and acquaintances in the last little while, for a variety of reasons, call it quits on their marriages or long-term relationships. Trev and I have tried very hard in each of these cases not to take sides and to just treat each individual with all the love and friendship we have always treated them with.

I am no stranger to divorce - I grew up in a divorced family. I know that life can be messy and complicated. I know there is usually blame for both sides. I know that this type of relationship dissolution inevitably changes the relationships of everyone even peripherally involved, friends, co-workers, neighbors...heck, even the mail man has to start forwarding and returning letters.

Still, it is jarring to me when couples we know and love split up. I feel weird about it. I feel even weirder when I notice that their blog hasn't been updated since the last happy thing posted months and months ago. Or that is has suddenly gone private and we don't have an invitation. Not that I am sickly curious and want to read about all the aching details and events of their breakup. I just hate feeling like I have been broken up with too in some way. And, as to the abandoned blogs, I don't know if I should delete them...then I feel like I am being the breaker-upper.

And Facebook is a whole 'nother story. It shouldn't feel like a little bit of a slap in the face when you are suddenly not friends with someone just because you exist as a part of a past life they are undoubtedly trying to and needing to move away from...but it does.

All of which makes me wonder, was life less complicated before we started recording our personal histories, insights and lives on the Internet where the smallest nuances of our days become a matter of public record and can never be taken back? Was it better when you just happened to hear about someone's tragedy (someone who you didn't really keep up with) through the grapevine rather than reading about their lives (even though you rarely talk) and feeling like you are intimately involved in their happenings just because you know what they did last Saturday and have seen pictures of the event? Are we really better off knowing so much about each other? Because how do you handle it when you suddenly don't want anyone to know what is going on anymore. Disappearance and deletion seem to be the conventional solution, and I am not sure why that feels so odd to me.

I will never forget going out with a boy on a second date and being completely alarmed when he said, "So I googled you before dinner." And I will totally admit that I am guilty of googling or perusing Facebook profiles looking for the names of ex-boyfriends or those girls I didn't really like in High School...but isn't it kinda sick and narcissistic in a way?

And maybe the real irony of this post is that these private thoughts on peoples' private lives are appearing here on my public blog. hmm.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The way to a man's heart...

is through his stomach. Or at least that is the saying at our house this year. With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching I wanted the perfect young, married extremely-pregnant-person's gift to give to my husband. Namely something that had the following attributes:
  • 1)something sweet
  • 2)something cheap
  • 3)nothing that required trying to put this swollen body into anything sexy and tight (which would most likely make me look like a cellophane wrapped sausage) or anything flowy and pretty (which would most likely make me look like a circus tent).
The solution????

Black Licorice caramels (this is the caramel setting up in the pan)Peanut Butter chocolate TrufflesMint Truffles
And Almond Coconut Truffles!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


spending my life with HIM!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What do you crave?

Next to "when are you due?" and "Do you know what are you having?" - this this the most common question I have been asked since it has become visibly obvious that I am in the family way. And even though I have read countless articles that say pregnancy cravings are an old wives tale, I have found myself liking two very specific foods that I have always liked, just in increased amounts and frequency...and perhaps more noteworthy than that is that I sort of like them together, not because the tastes really compliment each other, but more because I want to eat both and why spread out such snacking?

So here is my answer:Pickled Beets
Seriously - I have been eating kiwis until my lips go numb and tingly. Thanks to my fabulous grandparents I have a years supply of home made canned beets - but we go through about a bottle every four days. I also owe thanks to my sweet husband (and Stacey and Ben and anyone else) who has ever stopped by or run to the grocery store to buy me the kiwis.