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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What do you crave?

Next to "when are you due?" and "Do you know what are you having?" - this this the most common question I have been asked since it has become visibly obvious that I am in the family way. And even though I have read countless articles that say pregnancy cravings are an old wives tale, I have found myself liking two very specific foods that I have always liked, just in increased amounts and frequency...and perhaps more noteworthy than that is that I sort of like them together, not because the tastes really compliment each other, but more because I want to eat both and why spread out such snacking?

So here is my answer:Pickled Beets
Seriously - I have been eating kiwis until my lips go numb and tingly. Thanks to my fabulous grandparents I have a years supply of home made canned beets - but we go through about a bottle every four days. I also owe thanks to my sweet husband (and Stacey and Ben and anyone else) who has ever stopped by or run to the grocery store to buy me the kiwis.


Clarissa Meegan said...

At least their both healthy. With Gracie it was pickle/tunafish sandwiches---which is random because I don't really like either of those things...and never will again thanks to those cravings.

the winn-ers said...

You always did like Pickled beets! :)The only craving I remember was fry sauce! haha. I hope you and Trevor are doing well. Miss you.

The Sanders said...

Ooh. Kiwis were my love during pregnancy. But pickled beets, not so much. I love hearing about pregnancy cravings! :) Thanks for sharing!