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Monday, March 29, 2010


Two products I am a complete believer in:

1) Red Raspberry Combination
If you are pregnant, or know anyone who is pregnant I HIGHLY recommend taking red raspberry herbs after you hit your 37th week. My mom passed on the red raspberry combination to me, it was recommended to her by my aunt Jill when my mother was pregnant with me. This stuff really is amazing, and I think it made a HUGE difference in how easy my delivery and recovery after Ivie have been.

As Louise Tenney, M.H. writes in her book Today’s Herbal Health: The Essential Reference Guide, Fourth Edition, "red raspberry is one of the most renowned herbs used by women, especially during pregnancy. It contains nutrients that help to strengthen the uterus wall, reduce nausea, prevent hemorrhage, and reduce pain of childbirth. Red raspberry helps reduce false labor pains common in some pregnancies. It also helps enrich the colostrum found in breast milk. Drinking the tea will relieve painful menstruation and aid the blood flow. If your flow is too heavy, red raspberry tea will help it decrease uterine swelling and cut down on post-partum bleeding. Besides being good for women, red raspberry is a wonderful herb for children to use in case of colds, diarrhea, colic and fevers. It is also a good remedy for infants who suffer from dysentery and diarrhea. Red raspberry contains vitamins A, C, D, E, G, F, and B. It is rich in iron and calcium and contains phosphorus and manganese." (pp 133, 134).

I asked my doctor about taking the RR, and he said he couldn't confirm or deny its medical applicability, but he could promise it wouldn't hurt my baby. When March 11 rolled around my labor pains started really fact, to be honest I didn't even realize I was in labor until I was dialated almost to a 5. The doctor had asked me to go to the hospital to get a test done (he had seen me that morning and was concerned I might be losing amniotic fluid). I didn't want to do the test because it is an extremely expensive test and so I was negotiating with the labor and delivery nurses about other options. We finally settled on a less expensive type of test that could give us the same information. On the phone the nurse asked me if I was having any pains...I told her I wasn't sure if I was or not - I felt like my stomach was tightening up every few minutes or so, but it wasn't particularly painful.

Trevor came home and picked me up and we went to the hospital. At the hospital a labor and delivery nurse tried to administer the fluid test, but couldn't because there was too much blood in the way of the swab she needed. During the test I told the nurse I was feeling the tightening sensation again and she felt my stomach and responded with, "That is a pretty big contraction...we cannot do this test because you are in labor." So they admitted me to the hospital. This was about 3:00 PM.

Around 5:00 PM the doctor came to check on me - I realized I was having contractions now, but they still were not particularly painful, just more frequent - about every four minutes. The doctor didn't think I was "uncomfortable enough" to be in actual labor and talked about discharging me (NOTE - this was the on-call doctor, who I didn't love, my doctor, who I do love was out of town). We agreed that Trev and I could go walking a little bit before we were discharged to see if that made labor pains any more intense.

We walked and walked and walked. At about 7:00 PM my contractions started to become much more intense. We could only walk in one little loop around the hospital, and the contractions were coming about 2 minutes apart and I was certainly feeling them. Trev would stop and hug me as I tried to breathe through them...but at one point during a contraction I bit his shoulder as he was holding me, and that is when we decided that I would get an epidural. :)

At 9:00 PM the anesthesiologist gave me the epidural (HUGE fan of pain management) and the doctor checked me again to say I was dilated to a 7, almost an 8.

Then I went to sleep. Completely zonked out. The LD nurse came into our room at 11:20 and said that the baby's heartbeat was matching the contraction rate and that it was time to get ready to have a baby. I was sleeping so peacefully (and mercifully through all those contractions) that Trev had to literally shake me awake.

I pushed through three contractions and Ivie was here at 11:45 PM. I only had what the doctor described as half of a first degree tear and no other troubles (thank goodness, I was living in fear of horror labor and hemorrhoid stories).

Many of my nurses told me that the RR was certainly one factor in how the whole thing went so smoothly, and I have to say I am a believer. My recovery has been a breeze to. I was back to work in 8 days.

The second thing I am an awfully big fan of is:

2. Eye lash stimulatorOr, as I call it, eyelash steroids. Seriously, my mom gave me a tube of this stuff for Christmas and I swear it has worked miracles on my lashes. They are longer, fuller and thicker. I definitely recommend this to everyone as well. The stuff is expensive, so call in a favor from a friend who works at a beauty supply store before picking up a tube.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Perspective

Nothing like having a child to create a paradigm shift.I can't stop thinking about a moment, approximately 3:30 AM, March 11, as Trev and I lay in the teeny tiny hospital bed in our delivery recovery room. My husband held my beautiful daughter against his chest and said:

"It is weird to think that your parents know you longer than you know you. We will never forget this day, and she will never remember it."

So true, and only one of the few things I am coming to appreciate about parenthood. As a mother, I now know that I would never do anything to hurt my daughter or make her life more difficult - something I didn't always give my own parents credit for.

I now know what it is like to wish more than anything in the world that I could stop anyone or anything from ever hurting my daughter...and at the same time I know I can't, and that likely the thing that will hurt her the most in her life will be herself as she makes choices and learns from their consequences. I know my heart will break watching her gain experience in this world, but not as much as it rejoices at all the potential I see bottled up in her little body.

I now know how hard it must be for daddy's to go away to work each day, when Trev comes home and asks about anything he might have missed and just wants to hold his baby for the rest of the night.

I now know how much I really love my husband.

I know love is a deeper and more complex thing than I ever imagined.

And mostly I know, as selfish as it may sound, how glad I am that Ivie is just mine and Trevor's right now. I am excited for her to grow and learn. I am so interested to see who she will become...but for right now I am glad we know her before she knows herself. And I know these are moments I will hold onto forever.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Model Baby

Ivie is a model baby. Really, she is practically perfect and sooooo very easy and even tempered. My doctor and the nurses gave me this parting advice as we left the hospital, "Don't ever tell anyone how easy your first delivery was and how mild mannered your first baby is, they will hate you."

Go ahead and hate, I am telling anyway.Ivie made one little, itty, bitty cry when she came into the world, and we haven't hardly heard much from her since. She doesn't cry getting bathes, she doesn't cry when she needs changed or fed, she didn't even cry when the nurses pricked and bled her heel for some tests. When she is upset she scrunches up her face and makes this funny little squawk and then just patiently waits for us to figure out what she needs.

My mom, who has been staying with us this week, refers to Ivie as a "Let's pretend baby." She is that happy and that easy. Really a perfect model. Not to mention that she is beautiful. She arrived at the perfect time in the dessert: Spring. Spring comes hard and fast here, for just a few weeks everything has a blossom - it doesn't last long but it makes the glorious moment it is here really count.

Trev who has always been a saver for as long as I have known him has been saving his Christmas and birthday and budget money for the last two years. He does this. I remember dating him when he finally decided to buy a nice pair of expensive sunglasses and pulled a stack of 5's, 10's, and 20's out of an old copy of the Book of Mormon (Grandmas - if you ever wonder what he does with the birthday money you send, this is it.) and explained it was his birthday money from the lat three years. Trev is not an impulse buyer, and it takes him a long time to decide what he wants and then carefully research and shop for it. He had been saving the last few years for a road bike. He'd even picked out the one he wanted. Then two days before Ivie was born he simply changed his mind and informed me that even though we have a pretty nice camera, he wanted a better one to take pictures of his baby with. Whatever, it was his money. So he went out and bought one. He spent many hours reading and practicing with different lenses and focus modes on Ripsi...which all paid off because we ended up with a perfect, model baby - who has been a little model for her daddy.

Here is the Spring photo-shoot he and Grandma Cob arranged and snapped last night: I have to work hard on improving myself to keep up with my little model family that I love so much.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


March 11, 2010, was a very extraordinary day. Ivie Thelma Linderman joined her parents at 11:45 p.m. Weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces, she was 20 inches long.

As you all could probably guess, Chelsi was amazing.

The proud little mother (check out the hair)

*** Thanks to all our family and friends who have helped make this moment possible, all of your love and support means the world to us. We love having a blog to share our lives with those who are far away from us and want to continue posting. However, with this new preciouse little gift we would like to move our blog to a private setting. Please leave a comment with your email address or email if you would like to be a part, (even if you only read quietly without commenting, or are a "facebook friend" we still want to include you so let us know who you are, so we don't miss anyone).

Thanks for all your love and support, talk to you soon.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


After the doctor got my hopes very, very up that we would have a baby now. Everything just stopped progressing. I am starting to think we will never have a baby and I will just be this way forever.