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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This note is for you - asking to pretty, pretty please be invited to your blog. :) I miss reading about you and somehow missed when you went PRIVATE. Shoot me an invite at I need an adorable picture of little Luke fix.

As extra enticement for an invitation - here is a bit of a flashback to our lives pre-husbands, pre- college degrees, pre-children. A time where we wandered around Russia admiring stautes and palaces...
Rode an often very crowded and always very dirty metro to get back to our fabuloulsly grimy apartment...
And where it took an awful lot of help to ever get me to look beautiful. :)

And for anyone who is not Jamie - I love all of you too, and love reading about your lives, and don't want to be left out when you put your blogs under lock and key. ;)


Nate and Jamie said...

Ok Chelsi that could be the most hilarious thing ever! :) However I really have to get you to quit posting that hideous metro-sleeping picture on your blog! Sorry about you not getting an invite, this is why I procrastinated making it private for so long I knew I would forget someone. Anyway you are now invited, thanks for letting me know. :)

Cynthia said...

umm..where is my life space? I have been wating since you were a beginning promised you know.

hahaha, j/k well sort of. ;)