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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reactions to the new hairstyle:

Remember how I decided to try some pinup-rockabilly style? A month into the experiment these are two comments I had this week from two different students (both girls, of course, only girls probably really notice or would ever say anything).

Student One: "How long does it take you to do your hair? It is always so cool. I've only ever seen people with hair like that in movies."

Student Two: "Did you go to hair school before you became a teacher? Your hair is always so pretty."

All of which - added to the comments some of you were sweet enough to leave - leads me to believe that this is a new look I will be keeping. I've tried some doosies in the past (the bad bang explosion of 8th grade, the freaky flipped out thing my freshman year of college. Yikes.)

So I think I will be keeping the new look:
  1. It's relatively unique - and I like that. I appreciate it when my neighbor (a darling older woman) tells me often. "You just have such a classic, interesting, but different style." Even if she doesn't mean this as a compliment, that is how I am taking it.
  2. it is WAY EASY to do. Serious. I think the time spent doing my hair has been cut in half. Don't believe me? Check out Youtube tutorials on pin-up looks, most of them are between 5-10 minutes in length - cause your hair really does pin-up that fast.
  3. It is the PERFECT way to deal with long, hot heavy hair in the sizzling St. George sun.

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