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Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Horror

There is a small sadistic part of me that gets a kick out of the way that Christmas is so exciting, and yet so horrifying for some little kids. How many pictures have you seen of children screaming on Santa's lap and not laughed?

He is fairly terrifying after all, he is a huge man in a red suit who is going to slither down your chimney, poke around your house and eat all your cookies. PLUS he magically knows everything about your behavior over the past year. Kinda like a stalker.

I didn't get to place Ivie on Santa's lap and see her scream this year. We were never around a Santa. My little sister wanted to drive to the neighboring town where she had heard there was a Santa, but it didn't seem worth it to me. I am kind of sad now that I don't have that memory.

But I do have this. And I get a kick out of this tiny moment of Christmas confusion for Ivie.

I am really starting to figure this out. I open a package or tear up some paper and everyone looks at me and claps. Awesome.
Almost have it.
HOLY CRAP! What is that creepy thing?
Doesn't has a cool tag to play with. Don't look it in the eye...just play with its tag.


Shalee said...

what a cute girl.
This year we tried the Santa thing for the first time, and I think we'll start socking money away for therapy. My poor, poor boys.

Michelle said...

Totally cute! She is an adorable girl. I'm not sure if she would cry and freak out on Santa's lap. She is a very laid back little girl. If mommy's ok with it she might be. Well you will always have next year to find out. :)

ashley said...

what a cute little lady! stone got to meet santat this year...he just stared wide eyed and took the candy cane. haha

Cynthia said...

I love that picture sequence!

Devri said...

What is it with babies and tags? Michael loves tags; that's usually his favorite part. She is darling.