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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


See this cute little Valentine?Our amazing neighbor and adopted grandma, Darci, offered to tend her for us on Friday so we can go to our Ward's Adults only Valentine Dinner...AND since it will be after Ivie's bedtime before the dinner is over Darci wants to just keep Ivie overnight!

So I am trying to come up with something surprising to do with the rest of our night off. I am sort of thinking I might have our camping stuff all together and a bed made in the back of our car (we can fit a queen air mattress in there), and that we will drive up on the BLM after the dinner and spend the night to watch the sunrise early in the morning. We have a little DVD player and I could pick up a good movie (suggestions? I don't even know what is out..) But I want it to be special and could use any other little thoughts you all might have. Ideas?

And no - I am not worried about Trev reading this...he rarely checks it and he is way too busy. :)


Shalee said...

First, she is so adorable. Second- you are the coolest wife ever. I would not have thought of that, and it sounds SO FUN! We haven't really seen any great movies lately, so I'm no help there either. Maybe sparkling cider in a canteen? :)

Beth Willmore said...

Oh my heavens she is beautiful! I can't believe her little curly hair! I agree with Shalee - you're amazing! We just rented Secretariat and it was a fantastic feel-good movie. (I admit I may have shed a tear or 2 at the end, Jared blames it on the pregnancy...)

Shaunie said...

That is one cute valentine you have! It is a great idea and I am sure Trevor will love it. I wouldn't worry about getting a movie, I would have a little camp fire and eat smores.

Nate and Jamie said...

Can I just tell you that I think Ivie is the cuttest thing EVER?? Seriously how do you keep from eating her every day? Haha I have no date ideas because I am so uncreative, but I think the one you have sounds super fun!