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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quack, Quack, Quack!

I haven't been as good as I wanted to be about writing down sweet memories I want of my Ivie bird. This is one that I am determined to get down though. Ivie loves ducks recently.

It all started with Pandora's toddler radio and the song "Six Little Ducks." Trev and I began to notice that whenever this song came through Pandora's rotation Ivie really danced, sang and paid attention.

We started to sing it to her outside of Pandora and she would just get so excited. So Trevor learned how to play it on his guitar and we also discovered this link.

So the guy is a bit creepy and YouTube certainly violates our "No screen time for the baby policy", but Ivie absolutely adores him, so we watch it occasionally. She flips out when we play her this video, and in the last week she has even started to use her little hands like duck bills.

I love the new hand action - she will start off by raising her hand toward the computer and making her fingers quack, but then she almost gets distracted by the movement and brings her quacking fingers right back down in front of her face for closer study of the movements. It is so funny. Meanwhile she keeps bopping and babbling to the beat of the song.

She loves this song so much that we had a "Six Little Ducks" Birthday Party - she loved singing the song, but HATED her little duck cake. She refused to touch, sit by or eat it all night long.
We love, love, love our silly little duck.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Death Valley - Spring Break 2011

We loved our little get away - and Death Valley National Park is certainly a very interesting place to visit.

Highlights of the trip:
  1. Coyotes - I am normally not a fan of coyotes, given my farm-girl roots, but the coyotes in Death Valley sang all night and I loved it.
  2. We got to spend a day with Trev's sister and her husband
  3. Crazy interesting scenery - yes Ivie is eating a piece of rock salt in this picture. No parenting judgments.
  4. WILD salt flats and fields
  5. Hiking with my family
  6. Reading out loud by the camp-fire at night (we read Fareinheit 451 on this trip)
  7. Visiting the lowest point in the country
  8. Ivie had her first CAMPING BATH
I really love visiting new places with Trevor. Death Valley is definitely not among my very favorite National Parks so far, but it was a really interesting place and I enjoyed our visit. The desert is gorgeous in its own crazy and lonely way.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting out of town

Trevor and I need a vacation like nobody else. We have hardly seen each other in the last month, I have been sick for a good portion of the month (complete with puking all over my shoes, jeans and hair in a parking lot this morning) and to put it simply, I AM DONE.

I need to check out for a few days. Trev needs a break too, and we need to be in the same place for more than 30 minutes together when we are both conscious. Spring break could not come at a more perfect time.

In our family, there is one place that offers respite and, literally, a breath of fresh air. So we are off to the great outdoors - some serious camping with no cell, internet or cable service for miles. Nothing but the three of us, good food, a great read-aloud book and long days.

I can't wait. Oh, and we are going HERE! The hottest, driest and lowest place you can go in the continental US.

And - it marks one park closer to our goal of seeing every national park over our lifetime together!