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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just me, myself and I....

It's funny, after becoming a mother, you are virtually never alone again. I am either at work, home with Ivie, with Trevor or with other moms and kids.

And while I still get together with friends when time allows, even that has changed somewhat. After all, we all have kids and have to hang out/chase them. Or, if I am meeting up with a childless friend, it is usually for lunch in the thick of the day when all of my resident babysitters are still studying history in their fourth period at the local high school. So I have Ivie in tow. It is pretty rare when I work things out to get out without my two-foot-tall side kick.

So I was really excited for this Saturday. I invited a girl I haven't done anything with as a friend in a really long time to go and hit up a pottery painting session. But then Saturday morning came and she called to cancel. Which was fine. Things happen.

I was disappointed though. So I put out some other feelers, but -- like me--most of my mom friends were strapped down and unable to escape at a moment's notice, and my non-mom friends were out of town or busy with other commitments.

I thought about trying to find a babysitter and dragging Trevor along with me. But he wasn't really feeling it. I waffled on keeping the pottery date at all, but finally decide to go.

Just with me, myself and I.

And, surprisingly, it was wonderful.

Before Ivie, I used to do things by myself all the time. I've always treasured my independence. One pf the things I am most grateful to my husband for always honoring.

Oddly though, when that independence is sort of stripped from you by force of nature, it takes a while to rediscover it.

And, to be honest, if I wasn't planning on gifting some folks with pottery pieces come Christmas, I probably wouldn't have gone. I really didn't want to go by myself. I had really been looking forward to visiting with another adult in a space where I didn't have someone constantly asking me to lift them up or get them a drink of water.

However, the three hours that were entirely mine, to myself, in the pottery studio were LOVELY.

Sure - there are times when I'm "alone" at home while Ivie is napping. But it isn't the same. She's still on my brain and at least 80% of my human capacity for hearing is dedicated to listening for the inevitable squawks coming from her room.

I was the only person working at all on Saturday, aside from the studio owner. It was quiet. It was nice to let all my thoughts just float away and sit by myself in my own silence. Truth is, I've forgotten how good that can feel.

So - I have a date with myself to go back soon. And yes, I'll post pictures of my masterpieces when they are through. :)


Angela B said...

I was just thinking the same thing Saturday... Michael stayed home with my sick kids and I was realizing it felt so weird to be alone, even just driving...

Di said...

While I don't have a child, so it's certainly not the same, I've always enjoyed my alone time and was particularly delighted to have the house to myself for four days when Matt went on a business trip.

There's something very luxurious about having to think only of yourself.

Shalee said...

There is something so refreshing about alone time. It's so good for the soul- for sanity. I can't wait to see your creations :)

Francesca said...

I hope you don't mind a comment from a complete stranger. I stumbled upon your blog with blogger's "next blog" function and, with three little ones of my own, I know what you mean about appreciating time to yourself!