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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I can be indecisive when it comes to my hair. Which is probably why I've let it grow to my waist in the last 3 years. (Yes - my hair grows AMAZINGLY fast - in 2008 it was bobbed to my chin, now it brushes my belt-line).

However, I've decided it's time for the lengths of locks to come off. I just can't decide which cut to choose. Appointment is in three hours. Vote fast:

Hair A
Hair B
Of Course - remember I'm not as photo-shopped perfect as either of these models, and my face looks like this:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Tree Recycle

I love Christmas for a million reasons. But one very serious reason is for the Christmas Tree.

See - every year of my entire life my family has made an annual trek here:to cut down a Christmas tree. We own some property in the area, and harvesting a holiday tree from it each year is a special tradition to me. We usually go up the weekend following Thanksgiving, and then enjoy the tree throughout all of December. Here is a shot of Little i this year a'Christmas-treeing. (Totally a word I just made up)BUT - December alone is never enough for me. I love the tree so much I've been known to leave it up for weeks after Christmas passes. These trees last forever - and I've actually even had them begin growing before, they develop these delightful neon green tips of new growth after a few weeks.

Trev has always given me a hard time about this...sooooo....this year I decided to justify the tree's ongoing presence in my living room by turning it into a New Year's Eve tree.15$ at the dollar store and I LOVE it. Trev was actually pretty impressed too. I told him I'd cover the tree in hearts and red lights come February. :)