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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shake it up (with original paint images)

There are still more cruise details to come (BETH - YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO!!!) but, in the meantime, rather than doing my work (I'm at my office) I am sitting here thinking about exercise.

You eat A LOT of food on a cruise.

I eat A LOT of food all the time.

Flashback:The first time Trevor and I ever ate dinner together we were at a Chinese buffet on a high school debate trip. One of our first memorable conversations went like this:
Trevor - sitting next to me and a mile-high-stack of won-tons: "Wow. You can
really eat."

Me: "What do yo mean?"

Trevor: "I just have never seen a girl eat as much as you."

I've been lucky enough to stay little despite stuffing my face and never exercising for most of my life. Chalk it up to genetics, an intense metabolism, I don't know why, but I never struggled with weight the way some of my friends and family members have.

But having a BABY (yes - I blame lots of stuff on her) changes things. Changes the game. Changes your body.

I never lost of all my baby weight, and now when I am irresponsible with what I choose to put in my body, the junk doesn't seem to just wash through my system the way it used to. Rather, it sticks - more specifically it sticks to my butt, my thighs, my cheeks and my lower abdomen.


Now- my theory on exercising has always been: NO PAIN...NO PAIN.

I HATE exercising.

But, as we watched a show one night on the ship and I watched the butts of the dancing show girls - or was it watching my husband watch the butts of those dancing girls :) - I decided there is really no excuse to not keep my body in better shape.

I'm not talking just skinny.

I'm talking toned. I'm talking healthy, so that I don't feel like I might pass out after running up and down the stairs a few times.

So we came home and I have been doing a 60 minute work-out video everyday for the last week and a half.

I HATE it. I hate sweating and stinking and trying to shake body parts I either don't have or have no control over. But I AM DOING IT!

It's a Zuumba video. I am a terrible dancer. Like I should never dance ANYWHERE, terrible.

I do it in the basement and have banned Trevor from ever coming down while I am working it.

I thought it would be safe to let Ivie come down and play or dance with me. But last night, as she watched me hop and shake my two-year-old sat on the floor and laughed hysterically. Which - I'm not gonna lie - actually hurt my feelings just a little bit.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cabo San Lucas - Cruise Recap continued

The first port we stopped into on the cruise was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The weather was lovely. We were in this port for two days. On the first day we were there we did a little bit of ocean kayaking and then some snorkeling. But not before we snuggled up to some parrots.
While I have some lovely shots of the ocean and its many rock/beach formations (courtesy of the Atkins)
I don't have any of the actual snorkeling. However - I do want to point out that this was FABULOUS snorkeling. That is, if you are looking for fish this was fabulous snorkeling. Trev and I have snorkeled a few other places, Hawaii and Catalina, and we decided that this snorkeling experience was the best as far as seeing different varieties of fish goes. The corals and reef weren't as pretty as in Hawaii or Catalina, but we felt like we saw the most fish here (although in Hawaii we saw lots of turtles, which was cool). So I really recommend the snorkeling in Cabo.

We also saw lots and lots of sea lions. And we learned that you can smell sea lions from about half a mile a way. Stinky.They would pop up right on the backs of boats begging for fish.Our second day in Cabo was spent at Lover's Beach. It was a pretty beach and we stretched out in the sand, read out loud to each other and relaxed.Don't you love the dude who is totally flopped down in the lower right?

Of course, we also shopped in the local tourist markets where we either got some great deals or gotten taken for a complete ride on our purchases. Probably a little of both. Trev totally and completely spoiled me, buying me necklaces, hair clips and other jewelry. One of my favorite purchases, however, was this darling little dress for little Miss I. Here she is sporting it this past Sunday.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What a Way to Kick Off 2012!

Looking for the perfect way to ring in the New Year? We highly recommend a cruise with good friends.Which is why on Jan. 1 we drove to Long Beach California with our dear friends - Jeremy and Chelsea (yes - we share the same name)
and boarded the Carnival Splendor
There is far too much to say about the trip in one post, so I'll be blogging about our fabulous vacation over the next couple of days. But, to start off - these are just some general thoughts about some of the highlights of taking a cruise.

1- YOU WORRY ABOUT NOTHING - Seriously, the biggest decision you have to make on a cruise is what drink to order. And even then, if you can't decide you just order them all. Love this.Our fabulous wait staff - these 3 dudes served us dinner every night and teased and joked with us.2 - GETTING DRESSED UP - I love an excuse to dress up, and on a cruise you can dress up for dinner every night, but especially on formal dining nights (which is when they serve all you can eat prime rib and lobster tails!)
First Formal Dinner Night
The Beautiful People - Jeremy & Chelsea
Second Formal Night
3- SHOES - Since we left Little Miss I at home and I didn't have to lug a two-year-old around, I got to sport my high-high-high heels around the ship.
4- DARLING TOWEL ANIMALS - It is lots of fun to come back to the state room every night where the housekeeping staff has not only turned down the bed and left a mint on your pillow, but also created adorable towel animals to decorate your room.
Snuggling Penguins
Baboon Swinging From the Mirror

5- QUALITY TIME - My all time favorite though? The second-honeymoon-feeling I always get whenever Trev and I go on vacation. Love this darling, darling man.
Here we are goofing off before going to sleep