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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shake it up (with original paint images)

There are still more cruise details to come (BETH - YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO!!!) but, in the meantime, rather than doing my work (I'm at my office) I am sitting here thinking about exercise.

You eat A LOT of food on a cruise.

I eat A LOT of food all the time.

Flashback:The first time Trevor and I ever ate dinner together we were at a Chinese buffet on a high school debate trip. One of our first memorable conversations went like this:
Trevor - sitting next to me and a mile-high-stack of won-tons: "Wow. You can
really eat."

Me: "What do yo mean?"

Trevor: "I just have never seen a girl eat as much as you."

I've been lucky enough to stay little despite stuffing my face and never exercising for most of my life. Chalk it up to genetics, an intense metabolism, I don't know why, but I never struggled with weight the way some of my friends and family members have.

But having a BABY (yes - I blame lots of stuff on her) changes things. Changes the game. Changes your body.

I never lost of all my baby weight, and now when I am irresponsible with what I choose to put in my body, the junk doesn't seem to just wash through my system the way it used to. Rather, it sticks - more specifically it sticks to my butt, my thighs, my cheeks and my lower abdomen.


Now- my theory on exercising has always been: NO PAIN...NO PAIN.

I HATE exercising.

But, as we watched a show one night on the ship and I watched the butts of the dancing show girls - or was it watching my husband watch the butts of those dancing girls :) - I decided there is really no excuse to not keep my body in better shape.

I'm not talking just skinny.

I'm talking toned. I'm talking healthy, so that I don't feel like I might pass out after running up and down the stairs a few times.

So we came home and I have been doing a 60 minute work-out video everyday for the last week and a half.

I HATE it. I hate sweating and stinking and trying to shake body parts I either don't have or have no control over. But I AM DOING IT!

It's a Zuumba video. I am a terrible dancer. Like I should never dance ANYWHERE, terrible.

I do it in the basement and have banned Trevor from ever coming down while I am working it.

I thought it would be safe to let Ivie come down and play or dance with me. But last night, as she watched me hop and shake my two-year-old sat on the floor and laughed hysterically. Which - I'm not gonna lie - actually hurt my feelings just a little bit.


Beth Willmore said...

Holy cow I feel like a ROCK STAR to be mentioned on your blog! :)
I just have to tell you that your drawings seriously made me laugh so hard I snorted a little (of course a long with the descriptions!) and I totally hear you! 3 kids later I look like I ATE the girl that I was when we got married!
You've inspired me about the Zumba dance, and I'm probably the only person in the world who hates exercising as much or more than you! (Obviously - look at me!)
I'm totally going to go buy one of those work out videos!
You're amazing - thanks for the laugh this morning!

Shalee said...

You two make me laugh. Add me to the list of sweaty moms trying to take the chub away and HATING every moment.

ps- I totally loved the illustrations :)

Di said...

I absolutely loved this blog, but you can also count me in on the exercise hate.

As far as Zumba, we bought Wii Zumba for my mother-in-law last year and I tried it. The only person downstairs was Matt, but I totally started crying because I was embarrassed.

Landon and Kylie said...

Good for you!! I also hate exercise,AND I can't dance...if only we were neighbors. :) Someday I aspire to be like you - both in Zumba skills and MS Paint Skills!

Devri said...

Lol! Your drawings are awesome! I hate exercising together. And I have a hard time believing that one of the most graceful people I've ever known (seriously, I was always jealous of your grace and poise in high school) is not good at dancing. Good for you. I hate exercising too.