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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Puerto Vallarta - the last big cruise post

I cannot believe it has already been almost two months since we got back from our cruise!

I also cannot believe it has taken me so long to post the final trip details.

Our last port of call in Mexico before heading back to the good old U S of A was in Puerto Vallarta. It was definitely my favorite.

Why? You might ask....

Because it involved 5 hours of zip lining through the treetops of Mexico's jungle. Gorgeous scenery. Lots of fancy adventuresome gear and equipment. Ahh Petzl. And - of course- wonderful friends and some pretty cool guides. It was truly amazing.

We have like a bazillion pictures, but these are a few of each of us.

Trevor as a modern day Tarzan = very handsomeSo - I don't think a good pic of me zip lining exists, but I did have a BLASTJeremy - Love this man!Hilarious.Chelsea - Couldn't she be like the poster-girl for this company? Soooo pretty! If I didn't love this girl so much I would sort of hate her for looking like a super-model AFTER we have hiked through the jungle, climbed up lots of rope ladders and then sailed through the air.Seriously - I think that outside of just being able to relax baby free with Trev for a week, this was the highlight of my vacation. I highly recommend it....Even though the spiders in the jungle are almost the size of my face.Not only did we have a wonderful time. But the ride up into the Mexican hills was also pretty humbling. Sometimes it is easy to forget that we live in one of the most affluent and comfortable countries on this planet. There are so many that have so much less.

We passed by many shack homes and pretty meager settings. However, one image will always stay with me: a small woman cooking over a makeshift stove-top that was built from cinder bricks and a slab of metal with a fire burning beneath it. Beside her a naked little boy was playing in the dirt and a couple of dogs the color of dust were curled up to the side. As we drove by all I could think about was what a good life I have. What a good life my child has. What a good life even my dog has. We are extremely fortunate.