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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh, You crafty huh?

Remember my Pinterest Promise to myself? The one where I decided I was only allowed to play on Pinterest if I followed through on at least one of my pins once a week?

I've been holding to my goal pretty good, dedicating each Pinterest manifestation mostly to activities I do with Ivie or to recipes we try.

Then summer hit St. George with it's 100 degree plus fierceness and I found myself wishing for a few more comfy dresses.

See, when it gets hot down here, I roast. I roast even more in shorts and t-shirts. I prefer to wear short summer cotton knit dresses or skirts, or long breezy maxi dresses.

Those long breezy maxi dresses are also on my Favorites list because they hide my often not-so-hairless legs in the summer too.

So, I've been oogling dress tutorials on Pinterest. I enjoy sewing, but I'm a quilter - not a clothes sewer and the crinkle of pattern paper pretty much terrifies me. Then I stumbled across this dress and tutorial that I figured even my-non-sewing-clothes-as-a-rule self could handle.

Loved her blog. Loved the tutorial.

Here is my version.

The picture was taken on my phone, and isn't the greatest, hence the washing out look to my skin. BUT I am happy with how my maxi dress turned out. So happy I even sported it to church today and had lots of ladies give me compliments on it. So happy that I think I'm making another of these bad boys this week.

on another Pinterest note - I think I've finally settled on a theme for the update of Ivie's room. I've wanted to change things up in her space for awhile, and with everything going on the last couple of weeks it seemed like a good time to throw myself into some crafting therapy project. The decision to move her room from a baby's theme to a little girl look was timely too because the JoAnn's in out town is changing locations prompting a HUGE liquidation sale of cheap material at their old store. Trev was a dear and came with me on Saturday to help pick out material for all of our upcoming projects. All of the prints and incredibly bright and happy. I can't wait to get started, so look for more pinterest inspired posts and pictures to come.


Lauren Forsgren said...

That dress is so very cute! Now I have to have one! Thanks, thanks a lot. :) And you made me lol at the hairy legs comment. I am so there with you.

~Tiffany said...

Adorable!!!! Want to make me one ;) I love that! With the belt it just pulls it all together- super cute!

Shalee said...

LOVE!!! I must try this....someday... You are awesome!

ERIN said...

WAY cute I need to do that!!!

Trevor said...


Trevor said...