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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where have I been blogging?

I have been blogging, believe it or not...just not here :) Awhile back I decided that I needed to have as much structure to my at-homeness as possible. This is mostly so I don't default to sitting around with a big box of NERDS candy (mmm, my favorite) and watch Law and Order reruns while Ivie runs around the neighborhood like a feral child. (Without structure this is a real concern for me)

So I adopted a productive play program I've been doing with Ivie for about six months-ish. Problem is, that after awhile you start to run out of or just repeat, repeat, repeat your own productive play ideas. So a new blog was born. I already contacted some of you about it via this Facebook message, which I am reposting here because I'm lazy:

Hey ladies -

As many of you know, I'm making a career change and leaving DSC for a time to stay home with my darling baby girl. I've worked at something or other since I was 15 and suddenly I am facing a job with no training manual or instructions - so I find myself approaching the task the only way I know how - from a very logical, academic, Type-A- Personality-At-The-Extreme way.

To that end - I really want to be able to not only enjoy my time with Ivie, but teach her as much as I possibly can too. I'm a parenting believer in play with purpose, and over the last six months have been constructing and doing different activities with Ivie in 7 different learning areas: literacy, math, physical health, science, social & emotional growth, creative arts, and language. We focus on one area every day of the week and I try to have a lot of our playtime build on concepts appropriate for her age.

Now, certainly, this is a parenting approach that is debatable. And quite frankly, there is plenty of evidence in both camps that claim great effects and negligible effects. What I like is that this sort of structure helps a mom with my kind of personalty find new, fun and positive ways to play with my baby. I've found lots of ideas via the internet, but also from other moms I know, and it all got me thinking:

Wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of structured way for me to pick the brains of all the people I know?

My vision became to create a blog with many contributors. Together we could create a virtual Joy School of sorts, and if there are enough of us that participate we could each contribute just one or two activities a month, but could all reap the benefits of having a fun play/learning activity pre-planned for us each day. Activities can be simple or complicated, whatever you are feeling. They can be original or linked to online resources and tutorials.

I'd be happy to make a posting schedule, email list and set up the blog if enough of you are interested in participating. I'm reaching out to you ladies because we all have kids roughly the same age. I'm most interested in activities right now that appeal to 18 m. to four years old- and I think we could leave it up to one another to adjust activities to our own child's needs/age.

So, if you are interested in collaborating on this project, please reply to this note with an email address I can use to add you to the blog administration. Once I have stuff set up and ready to go (hopefully by the end of this week or next if enough are interested) I'll send you more info. and instructions.

If you aren't interested, just ignore the note

And please - if you are interested in participating or not, but know someone who might be, pass the info. along to them and ask them to contact me. I'm hoping for a solid pool of thirtyish brilliant mommy minds to pull from.


In recent days I have started the blog up and running, and I'll do the first round (maybe a month) of posts for awhile to get in the swing of things but then I need YOU
 to help me add more ideas and content. Really. You have to.

Ok - you don't have to...but I hope you might consider it, and if you are interested in helping out and haven't already let me know, leave me some info. in a comment, or send me an email at

Personal posts about my life and cute kid coming soon!!!!! 

OH And I almost forgot, here is the blog address so you can actually check it out:

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Clarissa Meegan said...

sign me up! Love the idea.