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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where have we been?

Remember my little family?

We are alive and well....just infinitely behind on the ol' blog.
Nothing like a little catch up from the last six months huh? Don't worry, it's mostly cute pictures.


The biggest event of July was that we got to spend ten days in Glacier National Park with our dear friends the Barretts. Kevin used to actually be one of Trev's college professors, but now we are just like family. We also invited Trevor's folks to join us, and they did.

The Barretts are hikers. Intense hikers. They showed us a wonderful time in guiding us on 57.6 miles of trails. Yep - you read that right. We hiked 57.6 miles in a week. Awesome.

Every day that we hiked over ten miles we rewarded ourselves with pie and ice cream from a local place - Ivie loved it
So beautiful

In August Ivie started dance class - which she loves. It is a mommy and me creative movement class, and we have both come to cherish Monday mornings at dance together.

We also had a visit from our cousins - Ty, Erin, Eden and even Jade (Ty's older brother) in August. Ivie and Eden loved hanging out. We did a lot of video gaming, hiking and eating. Love those guys.
Swimming with Dad in the Virgin River at the top of Zion Canyon
Working on Junior Ranger packets with Cousin Eden
Hope these girls get to have lots of sleep overs just like this through their lives
September was a blur, but it also marked Ivie's first big screen experience as we took her to see Brave at the cheap theater. It was a hit. She loved having her own chair, popcorn and soda. This is her excited face.

Oh October. This was a month of mixed emotions. My cousin Nick was killed early in the month while working as a border patrol agent in Arizona. It has been a difficult and sad thing for all of my family.

October also brought hunting season and our annual Halloween party. Highlights in a hard month.
Ivie wanted to be a "pink kitty" for Halloween
Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
We celebrated Thanksgiving this year in California at Disneyland with my mom's family. Ivie loves Pluto and thought her life was pretty much complete when she got to see him not once, but twice!

Riding a ride with Grandma and Grandpa Cobb
How is it December already? We are gearing up for Christmas. But our highlight so far was Ivie's dance recital. She had a previous recital in November where she came out on stage and FROZE. This past Saturday she got to try again and did so good! It's crazy how fast she is growing, and how quickly time flies.

And there you have it - the last six months...sorta....of course there was more--good, bad and ugly--all we can really say is that we are loving life and looking forward to the rest of forever.


Tyler and Tashie said...

Ivie is getting so big and so so so cute!! I am glad that you guys are all doing so well and I look forward to seeing all of your updates on your fam! :)

Ben and Stacey said...

looove it. about time something appeared on this blog of yours!

ashley said...

I've been missing your posts! And how beautiful is little Ivie?! She's so big and I love her beautiful hair!!!

Devri said...

Yay! To have you back on here. I've been checking periodically, only to be disappointed. Thank goodness for Facebook :) But, when you posted a comment on my blog yesterday, I figured you must be back. I'm very sorry about your cousin, and I'm glad things are going well, especially that Trevor is still cancer free!

And if this says it is posted by Brian, it is really posted by Devri.

Shalee said...

Glad you're back! YAY!

Beth Willmore said...

That top picture of your little family is so perfect! Those pics of Ivie in her little white ruffly outfit at the bottom are so cute too! I'm SO glad you're back, I thought maybe you guys had been abducted by aliens down there in St.George!

BTW I'm laughing so hard about your comments on my blog - I definitely have A LOT of room that I could improve in the housekeeping arena!

I'm glad that Trevor is still cancer free, congratulations to you guys!

I'm glad to hear from you again! Don't let it be 6 months again before your next post! :)