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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Funny stuff

This might be slightly inappropriate...and someday our kid will probably be horrified that this pic is up on the family blog, but I thought this was hilarious, given the sensitivity certain words are gifted with in the English language.

Last night Trevor was looking over the long printout of ultrasound pictures from Tuesday again and he started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"I think it funny that every other part of the baby is labeled--you know legs, head, ear, elbow, foot, arm--then they get to the penis and they just write, "It's a boy!"

It is kinda funny. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What we need around here...

Most days at our house look like this:

We've been in need of a little more rough and tumble, but a baby BOY should fix that for us in June!

Additional Baby Boy facts:
* The ultrasound tech informed us that Baby E is measuring a week and half ahead of where we had thought we were. This FREAKS me out - I know you are so miserable at the end of pregnancy that you are grateful for an early baby, and Ivie was 6 days early too, but we have some major things rolling out this summer that I am frantically trying to get ready for and I seriously need every day I can get before little man comes. (We aren't letting our summer plans out of the bag just yet, but you'll want to be regular blog readers again over the next few months:) )
**Baby E - we are 90% sure we have a name picked out. I told Trevor he better hurry and decide if he's down for sure because I've already been calling this baby E for the last two months and I'm sold on the name.
***Calling HIM baby E for months: Yep - I've thought this baby boy was a boy the whole dang time. This makes twice in a row that I've called the gender of our kids. From the second I knew I was pregnant with Ivie I felt like she was a girl (even though I'd been hoping for a boy then) and this time I've thought all along it would be a boy. Trev gives me trash because really you only have a 50/50 chance of being right and he says I'm getting a big head about my prophetic parenting powers.
****This pregnancy is AWESOME. I was soooooo sick with Ivie. Sooooo sick. I threw up every day at least once a day for seven and a half months. We were laughing at her baby journal the other day when we were remembering some of the most memorable places I puked my guts out with her (top of Angel's Landing hike, my boss's office in a meeting, all over the mountain while hunting, biking, while fishing....not to mention just the regular roll of the day to day) but this time around while I had some nausea and A LOT of heartburn during my first trimester I now feel like a ROCKSTAR. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

And we are having a......


(made you look!)

BUT it is the BIG one where we find out if this little peanut will be wearing blue or pink, so check back with us for an update--and meanwhile, we are taking bets in the comment section, so go ahead and throw out your prediction :)

Tomorrow at 10:30, here we come! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Bit of Mommy Brilliance

So I do about three million 500 hundred things wrong as a mom on a regular basis, but this is one that I got right.

Busy Bags.

Have you seen these little things? I first learned about them from my friend Tiffany, then investigated them a bit more on Pinterest. After thinking about it for awhile I decided I was going to make one. The bag I choose for my maiden voyage into busy bagdom required a pair of plastic tweezers.

So I jumped online to order plastic tweezers, and uncovered a conundrum.

I could order one pair of plastic tweezers on amazon for 6.75, or I could order a set of 12 tweezers from discounted school supplies for $3.49. Obviously the price was a no brainer, but then what was I going to do with the other 11 tweezers?

This is where I realized I could pretty easily make 12 of the same busy bag, but would have to invest in a lot of stuff to make a wide variety of busy bags....unless I talked some friends into building bags also and then we all swapped.

So I posted a call out on FB, seeing if anyone was interested in participating - by the end of the day 26 moms spread from Logan to Vegas wanted in. Because of the impending holidays we had the means to transport the bags without mailing hem back and forth, and we all decided to go for it.

Now, it was a little hectic being in charge of this crazy project...but it was COMPLETELY worth it.

By December 29 we had 26 different and awesome busy bags, and I don't think any mom spent more than 20 bucks making all of their bags.

The activities are amazing and Ivie loves them, which means I love them. These bags are so simply cool and are the perfect TV or "play with me now, mom" alternatives for little hands. I also really love how each bag is built on a learning by play concept that helps develop literacy, math, sensory or motor skills.

Truth be told, Ivie actually has gone for her busy bags more in the last month than any of her toys or new gifts from Christmas. Which is why as I was picking up the toy room after bedtime tonight it was no surprise to find this pom-pom pattern game out on her lap tray from the day.

The other moms I've talked to all love theirs as well, and I can't highly recommend starting your own exchange enough.

I need to feel like I'm actively involved in making I's life interesting, fun and home-made to some degree. That's just me, and I end up kicking myself for not doing more, but the busy bag exchange was the perfect answer to being able to create those kind of activities in a way that maximized my time, resources and creativity. All the other moms I've talked to have loved theirs, and I am chalking this one up as one magnificent mom moment.

Want to do an exchange of your own? Here is a link from Pinterest that talks about an exchange. We actually ended up with many of the same bags featured in this post, but there are seriously like a ZILLION different things you can do, and it was so fun to see what everyone came up with.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweet and Small Things

My heart fills full as I write this, even though I'm not really sure what it is I want to say.

Today was the due date for the baby I lost in June (miscarriage sounds so clinical, just never seems like the right word to use.)

An incredibly kind and intuitive friend brought by this little plant, remembering us.  And as I've looked at it all day I can't quit thinking about how grateful I am to have a small reminder and memento about one of the most difficult times I've experienced.

Because losing a baby at any time is hard. And it makes your heart hurt.

But on this January day I find myself feeling so grateful. Do I wish there was already a small bundle of baby in my arms today? Of course. But through those sad days last June I felt the love of my family, neighbors, friends, Savior and Heavenly Father so intensely that I know I could not have experienced the same growth that came through my sadness in any other way.

I am so grateful for those sweet 8 weeks and all they brought, and I know wherever that little spirit is now that it is safe, happy and fulfilling its divine purpose.

I am also so grateful for the beautiful teeny face that I get to snuggle and kiss each day. I'm thankful for the funny little things Ivie says, her happy blue eyes, the chance to brush her long blonde hair and the way that her tiny body still curls so perfectly in to mine to be rocked.

I am so grateful for the little life inside of me right now, and thankful that I can again experience the hope, excitement, terror, and love that comes daily with carrying a child.

I am also thankful to share this lovely journey through life and motherhood by the side of a man I love more than I have words to express.

Whatever is to come, I know this mortal experience will be richer than I ever could have imagined, and I look forward to every day, the happy and the sad, the celebrated and the ones we quietly mark in our hearts for things that were or might have been.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

One cold hike....

Last Tuesday we found out we had a surprise vistor coming to town - an old childhood/high school/college buddy Jacob F. Jake and Trev were close growing up, roommates their freshman year, lost touch for awhile and reconnected the past year and a half. Since the rediscovery of their friendship we've enjoyed several great weekends, dinners and general hang-out sessions with Jake. We all love to talk, eat and do anything outside.

So it was natural the boys wanted to go hiking this last weekend. Even though the projected weather in St. George was 25 degrees.

It was also natural that Trevor would choose a hike we'd never done before, clearly marked as "7 miles: strenuous" not quite thinking about how his toddler girl and 4.5 months pregnant wife might feel about it.

We headed out to Little Purgatory in the Red Cliffs Conservation area on Saturday anyway.

It was beautiful....and cold......really freezing hardly does it justice. I said it was cold right?

After gaining 2400 feet over one mile I was not only out of breath, but surprised to find out that the top of the Little Purgatory trail had been burned over by wildfires this summer (ironic given the trail name, right?). This mean no trees, brush or anything else to provide any wind cover. So the wind was whipping, biting right into you. SO COLD.

Soon Ivie was crying because her face was cold, so we pulled her out of the pack and I held her in my arms with another fleece lining wrapped around us so she could just bury in. Once she was out of the wind and warm she fell sound asleep - which was then like carrying a 30lb bag of flour down the last 3 miles of the trail. Dead weight. Two days later and I am still exhausted.

We made it though...but we never did find the petroglyphs the trail-teaser advertised.

Not my favorite hike ever, but definitely the coldest. However, I couldn't argue about the scenery or the company. One more adventure for the book, right?
It doesn't look like much of a stream crossing, but the rocks were super slick and the last thing we wanted to do on a cold day was get our feet wet. 

Love, love, love this little adventuresome bug


Ivie's favorite way to hike when she isn't walking: asleep - this pic is pre cresting the hill and stepping into the artic winds 

My outdoor monkey! 

Am I the luckiest girl ever to have these two? 

Daddy packing Ivie

So Trev will hate that I have this pic on here, but I love it because it just captures  how great a dad he is. When Ivie started to cry from the wind and we moved her to my arms, Trev took off his super warm stocking hat and his nice scarf and put them on Ivie. It was so cold that after walking awhile with a bare head and neck he finally donned Ivie's cute, but way-less-warm hat and my scarf. He always takes care of us. 

Jake looking for the petroglyphs we never found. 

Packing Ivie down the trail. Rips didn't mind the cold, she ran around like a maniac and loved every second of it.