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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finished Projects Make Me Happy

Check one Pinterest project off of that never-ending list I mentioned last post.

Today I started--and actually finished--making a hair-bow board for Ivie's hair bows.

One of the greatest things about having a little girl is the myriad of hair-dos you can create until they are old enough to start fighting with you about what they wear and how their hair is done.

One of the worst things about having little girls is that their hair accessories can get overwhelming.

Until today, we've mostly been "throw it in a pony" and go kind of people. Sure, every now and then and each Sunday I bust out a cute, accessorized do - but most of the time I don't want to dig through the massive tub that holds all of our hairbows, scrunchies, headbands etc. to find exactly the right one.

So during my organization/de-junking of the bathroom cabinets I sorted all of our hair stuff out and determined to organize it all. Scrunchies, soft headbands, hard headbands, clippies and banana hair combs were relegated to their own sliding drawer organizers, and then I made this cute board for hair bows.

Here it is all loaded up:

Ivie was thrilled to rediscover all her hair treasures as we sorted and organized today. In her little baby voice she told me, "Mommy, I think I will be...(she thinks along time about how to say big words...a-dor..rab..le.. with this in my hair" holding up bow after bow.

Bet she's right.

Bonus points for spending NO money on this project, just delving into the depths of my craft room :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

103 things to do....

I want to blog about so many things.

Problem is that blogging somehow makes it to the bottom of a list that never seems to get entirely checked off.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed every now and then, right?

Bigger problem is that when I start to feel overwhelmed I almost immediately then get the urge to do absolutely nothing - I think my mind and body go into a state of overwhelmed-ness shock and then all I want to do is crawl into bed and watch Gilmore Girls or The West Wing.

I have an obnoxious habit of creating both real and imaginary deadlines. For example, real deadlines = written work that my clients expect by 9:00 am every morning- most of which is work I do not want to do.
Imaginary deadlines = I have to clean the kitchen by 2:00 pm today. I'm not sure why 2:00's not like the health department is on their way to shut us down - though maybe they should consider it.

So June 18 is a mere 125 days away. If we make it to June 18. Trevor keeps pointing out to me that June 18 is the perfect storm of both my real and imaginary deadlines colliding, because whether I am ready or not this little boy is going to show up sometime in June (we have due date discrepancy every time we do an ultrasound and measure the kid, so I'm sticking with June 18 because somehow more time makes me feel better right now). Baby boy is a real (albeit unknown) deadline. The imaginary part of this deadline comes in the approximately 100  1000 things I want to have finished before then. Things I worry about

If you know me, you know I can be obsessive.

And even though I know a few people will leave comments like, "It's ok, don't be overwhelmed." I'm still going to feel overwhelmed.

I just really wish I could have a day where my to-do list all got done. I miss that feeling from days when life was simpler. I also wish I had a support staff - a bunch of people to order around to do the things that I've got to get done so I could do some of the things I actually want to do.

Factor in being pregnant on top of it, and the difficulty in struggling to accept the limitations that come with that (feeling exhausted all the time) and I just finish most days feeling unsatisfied with what I have been able to accomplish.

This might be because I have some seriously huge goals to accomplish right now, and am staring down that imaginary June deadline.

  • Sort and organize everything in the house. I know this sounds extreme, but it has to get done. I am trying desperately to de-junk and organize many of the areas in our house that always get categorized as "i'm going to get to that someday..."
    • Successes thus far:
      • playroom is sorted and organized - LOVE IT. I need to take pics for you.
      • Baby clothes of days past sorted, organized and labeled.
      • Sewing basket organized (this was a ridiculous disaster)
      • Just organized all of the bathroom cupboards today (threw away so much stuff - it felt sooo good - and started trying to create some kind of system for Ivie's hair stuff. Her hair accessories are out of control. 
  • Sewing: I have to finish baby brother's blanket, my sister-in-laws pillows, a new quilt for Ivie and the new chevron shower curtain I want to make. I HAVE to do these things because I also would really like to makeover our master bedroom, including piecing a small quilt/throw thing to lay over our duvet.  It has taken me six years to settle on what I want to do in our bedroom and I finally have it, but can't start it til all this other sewing crap gets done. 
    • Successes thus far:
      • Finished this cute advent calendar for next Christmas - I know I'm not going to sew much after June and what I do work on will  probably be Christmas presents for other people, so I had to do this now if ever (PLUS I got the materials and kit for this for a whopping $3.00 on an after Christmas clearance in January.) The little squares are actually little pockets for putting things in. I thought about already stocking it with  24 different Christmas-related activities to do for next year, then realized I would just be working waaaayyyy ahead of my insane to do lists if I booked December 2013 with sugar cookie and card-making promises. 
  • Ten or so home decor projects on Pinterest that I should be able to make. Should. 
    • Successes
      • successfully pinning them counts, right? ha. 
  • Work with Ivie on letter recognition and speech patterns. m
    • Successes
      • She can sing the ABC's - but doesn't recognize any letters yet, though she seems to get that words are a thing for reading. 
        • I need advice/help here. How did you teach your kids to recognize letters? Also - how do you help with speech? I'm not sure how much of Ivie's pronunciation on certain sounds is still a baby voice, and how much to worry about speech yet...? ADVICE?
I didn't really start this blog post with the intention to vent - but I feel a little better now that I have. I know I'm not alone. It is just frustrating to always wish you could do more, be more. I don't know how to turn that negative inner voice completely off that keeps pushing me to run faster than I can. 

There is actually a line in my patriarchal blessing that says, "I bless you with the abilities that you need to accomplish everything that you need to accomplish. Be faithful as you do this. I encourage you to not run faster than you are able, but to accomplish all things in due time." I remember leaving the patriarch's office and my dad telling me that was his favorite line from my entire blessing. 


To end on a randomly more positive note. A few things that have been going on. 

Ripsi got a massive hole in her leg on one of our walks (when we are out in the boonies I let her run off leash and she must have caught herself on some rock or stick.  We tried to keep it clean, but stinker wouldn't quit licking it, so now she has to wear the cone of shame. Everyone but Ripsi thinks this is funny.

22 weeks pregnant (Beth this pic is for you!)....which is exciting, but also just means we move that much closer to June. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time to Turn 29

That's right - Trevor is officially enjoying his last year in his 20s--kinda depressing huh?

Since 29 seems pretty monumental - and to distract from the fact that we are now on the verge of our thirties -I decided to try and make this birthday really special.

There was a time in our lives together that special birthdays were my standard. I always threw huge parties - including two epic surprise parties--for Trevor when we were living in Logan and still in college. I also always got him awesome presents and really tried to make him feel spoiled.

Then I'm not sure what happened, but I got LAME.....really lame.....and we didn't have a party for a long time.

So this year when I caught myself completely skipping February and already eagerly looking ahead to planning Ivie's birthday party in March I realized I had broken one of my cardinal wife rules--kids can't get more spoiled by me than my husband. 

So I turned my attention back to Trevor and February 1st.

Here is how it all worked out:

Friday - the first I picked Trev up from work at 3:00 and surprised him by dropping him off at a local spa. He has never had a massage before - always been shy about the idea--but I knew he'd love it if he tried it. The girl that booked the appointment for me was hilarious. I explained to her that it was my husband's birthday present, and his first massage, and he needed to have a really cute and bubbly girl to make him feel relaxed and not completely embarrassed. She said, "So, this is a drop and run?"


And that is how it went down too. We got there. Trev died a small death in the parking lot and I informed him I'd already paid for the massage and he could either walk in the spa like the proud 29-year-old man that he is, or sit on the curb for an hour and I'd be back to get him later.

He went in and LOVED it. He was so happy and relaxed when Ivie and I picked him up an hour later - I knew it was perfect.

We went home and opened presents and ate an early dinner (salmon, asparagus  and twice baked potatoes: one of his favorite) then we headed to the cheap theater in town.

I was planning a party with friends for Trev on Saturday, so I wanted Friday to just be our little family. However, it is pretty challenging to find much to do with a toddler that was still relaxing and enjoyable for us - so I settled on seeing Wreck It Ralph at the cheap theater. It was cute - but still not exactly a movie I'm thrilled I took my toddler too. She's had such limited exposure to TV she gets overwhelmed and scared easily - but she loved the popcorn and having a fancy date out with mom and dad. We ate cake and lounged the rest of the night.

At 6:30 PM on Saturday we had a party. Guests were asked not to bring presents, but just to bring 29 random objects to surprise Trev with. It was pretty funny some of the stuff he got--29 redvines, 29 plastic bags, a 29 man picnic kit (29 plates, forks, cups, etc.) 29 mountain dews, 29 cheese-it crackers, 29 red m&ms, 29 oranges  29 frozen cream puffs, and a bunch of other stuff. The best was that we had 29 people there - at least until the Barrets showed up late, then we had 33, but it was still funny to have 29 for his 29th.

I served a pretty great baked potato bar with all the trimmings. I love baked potato bars because they are an easy and economical way to feed a lot of people a healthy, filling meal. Maybe it's my Idaho roots, but there is nothing like a baked potato with chili on one side and cheese and broccoli sauce on the other - then loaded up with sour cream, cheese, bacon, onions and French's fried onions. Paired with salad and big dinner rolls, it is a party-pleaser. We also had a couple of yummy cakes with Bavarian or raspberry filling.

I think one of my favorite parts of the evening though was just watching everyone and thinking about how our lives have changed. At the last big party I threw for Trev, there were a bunch of young college kids, some newly married, a lot still single.  We had a great time eating and visiting. We played classic rock and roll music in the background, had a pool tournament, opened a bunch of goofy presents and watched some B-rated new comedy that had just come out.

This time there were a bajillion kids running around crazy while adults milled and visited. We jammed to some classic, family-friendly 50s tunes, and laughed at our kids cake-crumb faces. I guess we really are growing up.

I'm so grateful for Trevor, for the many birthdays- big and small - I've been privileged to share with him, for each phase of life we've been able to pass through thus far, and I can't wait for the rest to come.

I'm also glad the party went off without a hitch....although the one major fail was that we didn't take a single picture. Oh well  - there is always the big 3-0 right? :)