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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time to Turn 29

That's right - Trevor is officially enjoying his last year in his 20s--kinda depressing huh?

Since 29 seems pretty monumental - and to distract from the fact that we are now on the verge of our thirties -I decided to try and make this birthday really special.

There was a time in our lives together that special birthdays were my standard. I always threw huge parties - including two epic surprise parties--for Trevor when we were living in Logan and still in college. I also always got him awesome presents and really tried to make him feel spoiled.

Then I'm not sure what happened, but I got LAME.....really lame.....and we didn't have a party for a long time.

So this year when I caught myself completely skipping February and already eagerly looking ahead to planning Ivie's birthday party in March I realized I had broken one of my cardinal wife rules--kids can't get more spoiled by me than my husband. 

So I turned my attention back to Trevor and February 1st.

Here is how it all worked out:

Friday - the first I picked Trev up from work at 3:00 and surprised him by dropping him off at a local spa. He has never had a massage before - always been shy about the idea--but I knew he'd love it if he tried it. The girl that booked the appointment for me was hilarious. I explained to her that it was my husband's birthday present, and his first massage, and he needed to have a really cute and bubbly girl to make him feel relaxed and not completely embarrassed. She said, "So, this is a drop and run?"


And that is how it went down too. We got there. Trev died a small death in the parking lot and I informed him I'd already paid for the massage and he could either walk in the spa like the proud 29-year-old man that he is, or sit on the curb for an hour and I'd be back to get him later.

He went in and LOVED it. He was so happy and relaxed when Ivie and I picked him up an hour later - I knew it was perfect.

We went home and opened presents and ate an early dinner (salmon, asparagus  and twice baked potatoes: one of his favorite) then we headed to the cheap theater in town.

I was planning a party with friends for Trev on Saturday, so I wanted Friday to just be our little family. However, it is pretty challenging to find much to do with a toddler that was still relaxing and enjoyable for us - so I settled on seeing Wreck It Ralph at the cheap theater. It was cute - but still not exactly a movie I'm thrilled I took my toddler too. She's had such limited exposure to TV she gets overwhelmed and scared easily - but she loved the popcorn and having a fancy date out with mom and dad. We ate cake and lounged the rest of the night.

At 6:30 PM on Saturday we had a party. Guests were asked not to bring presents, but just to bring 29 random objects to surprise Trev with. It was pretty funny some of the stuff he got--29 redvines, 29 plastic bags, a 29 man picnic kit (29 plates, forks, cups, etc.) 29 mountain dews, 29 cheese-it crackers, 29 red m&ms, 29 oranges  29 frozen cream puffs, and a bunch of other stuff. The best was that we had 29 people there - at least until the Barrets showed up late, then we had 33, but it was still funny to have 29 for his 29th.

I served a pretty great baked potato bar with all the trimmings. I love baked potato bars because they are an easy and economical way to feed a lot of people a healthy, filling meal. Maybe it's my Idaho roots, but there is nothing like a baked potato with chili on one side and cheese and broccoli sauce on the other - then loaded up with sour cream, cheese, bacon, onions and French's fried onions. Paired with salad and big dinner rolls, it is a party-pleaser. We also had a couple of yummy cakes with Bavarian or raspberry filling.

I think one of my favorite parts of the evening though was just watching everyone and thinking about how our lives have changed. At the last big party I threw for Trev, there were a bunch of young college kids, some newly married, a lot still single.  We had a great time eating and visiting. We played classic rock and roll music in the background, had a pool tournament, opened a bunch of goofy presents and watched some B-rated new comedy that had just come out.

This time there were a bajillion kids running around crazy while adults milled and visited. We jammed to some classic, family-friendly 50s tunes, and laughed at our kids cake-crumb faces. I guess we really are growing up.

I'm so grateful for Trevor, for the many birthdays- big and small - I've been privileged to share with him, for each phase of life we've been able to pass through thus far, and I can't wait for the rest to come.

I'm also glad the party went off without a hitch....although the one major fail was that we didn't take a single picture. Oh well  - there is always the big 3-0 right? :)


Beth Willmore said...

Ok I love it that you basically kicked him out of the car at the spa! Glad he enjoyed it though!

Way to go throwing a great birthday bash! I'm so lame with Jared's birthday, I should try to do better with him this year! (But I think the Bahamas should sort of count for his birthday right?)

Hey I totally want to see a baby bump picture too! :)

Shalee said...

How fun!!! It sounds like such awesome parties! You need to be my party planning consultant because I am a regular LAME-O!