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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tick-Tock goes the Rock Clock

Before Ivie was even born, Trevor ordered the smallest rock-climbing harness that Petzel makes.

He was headed out this past Saturday to climb and do some canyoneering with some friends. He and Ivie had so much fun digging through and trying on all their gear. Hers is still too big, but it's getting closer and closer to fitting. Her rock-climbing countdown is definitely beginning.  She loves trying it on and can't wait for the day when she can climb "all the rocks."

It was sort of bittersweet to watch Trev go out on Saturday. Four years ago I would have been right there with him, and my heart ached a little bit to see my climbing shoes get put in the old climbing bin. I guess my life right now is babies and toddlers, which when I see how grown up Ivie looks in her still-yet-to-fit gear, is okay with me. They are little for such a short time.

Since we couldn't go climbing with Dad, I decided to train Ivie up in another great family activity. Shopping. I had soooo much fun with her. I've never taken her clothes shopping before, but Children's Place was having a major sale and we had a ball. She actually loved trying on clothes and shoes and picking out colors of shirts she would like. We found some darling (and even better, cheap-on-sale) pink sparkle shoes and I think both of us got a little giddy when we tried them on her feet.

She loves them so much that on Sunday morning I found her contentedly coloring in the toy room wearing her panties and her pink shoes. She'd woken up before us and taken off her footed pajamas just so she could put her pink shoes back on.

A girl with adventure and style sounds like the perfect combination for this family!


Beth Willmore said...

OK I am dying about panties and pink shoes! How fun! I know what you mean about fun with little girls - Meg is the BEST shopping buddy! She's so girly and such a good sport about it, but I love it that she will ride horses with me too. So fun to have a daughter!

Devri said...


Evan & Heather said...

She is so stinkin' cute! Can't wait until you are closer and we can be almost neighbors

Ryan and Amy Robinson said...

That is a great story. She is going to have a blast rock climbing. The panties and pink shoe is so adorable. We miss u guys