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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Liam Barton Linderman

We are so excited to have a beautiful, little boy in our family. Liam Barton Linderman was born on June, 08, 2013...and made quite an exciting entrance into the world.

His birth was one of the sweetest, most spiritual things I've experienced, and will be among my happiest moments in life. He arrived with quite a story, which we are recording here for family and friends.

I woke up June 08, 2013 at about 6:30 having contractions. I've had lots of predominal labor contractions this entire pregnancy - but these felt different. I went back to sleep until about 7:30 a.m, when I couldn't sleep through the contractions anymore.

One day old
I had been working with a lovely mid-wife throughout this pregnancy because I wanted to experience this labor without an epidural. I'd had an epidural with Ivie - and while I wouldn't change my birth experience with her, I wanted to try both things, so I was planning not to have an epidural. This is important to know, because I was trying to hold off going to the hospital until things were more progressed. Our hospital is awful and old and with Ivie I went so early that I ended up being there eight hours before I delivered her, but only in really intense labor for half that time.

I woke Trevor up at 7:30 and told him that I thought today was the day we'd have a baby, and asked if he'd cook a big breakfast, because I was going to need the energy and I wanted to clean some at the house before we went in.

Two days old
Trev ran to the store, picked up breakfast supplies, came home and cooked up a storm. My little sister, Rachel, was here visiting for the week, and Rachel and I began cleaning away. We all sat down to eat about 9:30 AM. My contractions were about 20 minutes apart at this point, and I didn't think they were too bad yet.

At about 10:30, things picked up a little, contractions were closer together and a little more intense--like I was starting to noticeably cringe through them, which I thought would be stressful for Ivie, so I told Trev it was time to take her to Darci's. He ran her over there just as his friend, Tyler, showed up to study for a test they had to take in a few days.

Meanwhile, I was freaking out about getting everything done at the house that I wanted to do. It sounds crazy, but I kind of went into hyper-nesting mode. Rachel was awesome to help me clean, but I was worried we would need to head to the hospital soon, so I told Trev I was going to call my dear friend, M to come and help me get ready.

M is one of the sweetest friends I've ever had. She has the kindest heart, and is always trying to help people. She is also my midwife's sister in law, and had been through several natural births herself. Trevor is well-meaning, but for some reason just is super irritating to me when I'm in labor. I'm a firm believer that women need other women in times like this, and I also wanted M to be there to help me gauge my contractions and know when to head to the hospital.

Because that WAS the plan all along. We'd labor at home awhile, then go to the hospital where I'd meet the mid-wife, who with my doctor, would help coach me through a natural labor.

I should have known not to make a plan...because whenever I try to plan really big things they backfire.

Which is pretty much what happened. I was folding a load of laundry in my bedroom at about noon, when my water broke. I asked M to call the mid-wife, who said she'd be down to examine me in about ten minutes and then we could gauge when we'd need to leave for the hospital.

This is when things started to get real, real fast. It was like someone suddenly stepped on the gas pedal of my contraction gauge. They seriously went from mild to maddening in minutes. Trev started to get a bit more amped up about this time too, so Tyler headed home. Trevor gave me a beautiful priesthood blessing.

When the mid-wife arrived, she examined me and said, "If we are going to go to the hospital, we need to leave now."

Then I'm not sure what happened. My contractions were fast, and intense and to me it didn't seem like time was moving at all - but apparently minutes were marching by as M, the midwfie and Trevor were trying to gently move us toward the car. As Trev said later, I "just kept standing there."

Finally, the mid-wife said, "Chelsi, we need to leave now, and I'm not sure we are going to make it to the hospital." (The hospital is about fifteen-twenty minutes from our house). Trev asked her if we'd make it to the hospital, and she said she wasn't sure if we would or not.

It sounds silly, but all I could say was "I don't want to sit down." Really, the thought of getting in the car was absolutely horrifying to me. The mid-wife listened to the baby's heart and said, "Your baby sounds good. We can do this here, or we can try to make it to the hospital. We need to do whatever you are most comfortable with."

I still didn't say anything, other than that my contractions hurt and I didn't think I could stand up through another one, but I didn't want to sit down.

The mid-wife gently asked if I'd like to get in my bathtub. In my head, I think I thought that doing this would make the pain less and give me more time to gear up to sit in the car and drive to the hospital (obviously the rational part of my brain wasn't kicking in, all I could think about was that I didn't want to get in the car until the pain was a little less intense - silly huh?)
Liam's first bath. We hoped he'd feel all at home in the tub, seeing as it marked little man's entrance to the world, but nope, he pretty much hated it. 

Trevor was the picture of calm - even though he told me later he was panicking a bit. It's hard to explain, but there was the sweetest feeling of peace through all of this craziness. The midwife later told my mother, "That house just had the best spirit, I'm sure there were lots of loved ones there with your kids." And that is just what it felt like. Trev and I were trying to process all of this later, and we just kept saying, that we felt so peaceful.

The bathtub was awesome! Seriously, there is something to the people that swear by water-births. the water felt so good and helped my through the last few contractions, and then almost as suddenly as it had begun, we had a baby.

Liam was born at 12:47. The entire labor from the time my water broke took just over forty minutes. We would have been lucky to make it into a room at the hospital.

Liam was perfect and healthy. I was perfect and healthy. He weighed seven pounds and two ounces, and was 19 and a quarter inches long.

And, there you have it. Not only did Liam make us into home-birthers, but home-water-birthers as well.  It was all a bit surprising - especially to our families on the other end of faraway phone lines who were pretty panicked by it all--and we are so blessed that everything went well.

Thirty minutes old