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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - Liam Goes to Church

This was the outfit Liam made his great church debut in.

To be honest, I LOVE bringing the new baby to church that first time and seeing everyone fawn over him. Our ward doesn't get too many new babies, only about one or two a year, so it is always an event when a tiny package shows up.

However - I didn't realize that one of the drawbacks of this ward love that comes with a second baby is that everyone else loves to snuggle him. Between chasing Ivie and life in general, I already feel like my down time t just cuddle Liam is precious. I was looking forward to that time at church, but had forgotten how new babies make the rounds to everyone else's arms. I hardly even held my little man today. It's okay, and I'm happy to share - I'll just have to find more quiet time for the two of us at home. You can't blame the sweet ladies in our ward who want to snuggle them. As my sweet friend Brynne always says, "holding a new baby is the closest we get to heaven in this life, because they just came from there."

He does look like a little bit of heaven, huh?

*Also - I LOVE that his bow-tie looks as big as his head in this picture. :)

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Devri said...

*Sigh* He's a sweetie!