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Thursday, August 1, 2013

School, school and....more school?

Aren't these the cutest study bugs ever?

This pose - Trevor in the rocking chair with a ginormous textbook - has been standard at our house for the past two years...if we see him at all.

You think I'm joking. I'm not. The earning of his MBA and MAC degrees has been grueling...grueling on him...grueling on me...grueling on our family. Factor crazy pregnancy and post-baby hormones into all of it and the last year has been especially rough.

All that said - I am amazingly proud of this guy. Top of his MBA class, speaking at graduation. He is amazing  - and has one of the biggest brains around (even with a significant chunk of it missing from surgery!). I love that Trev is always working to better himself so he can better provide for our family - but I'm ready to be done with school for awhile and have eagerly looked forward to July 10 - the official commencement of his graduate programs.

Famous. Last. Words.

When Trevor was completing his second bachelors degree at Dixie, we became dear friends with the head of the accounting program, K, and his family. We see them regularly, and traveled to Glacier National Park with them last summer. They are amazing people and so dear to us.

So we were extremely concerned to learn that K found himself deathly ill while on vacation this summer in CA. I don't want to reveal too many of their personal details here, but long story short the man needs some serious healing time.

K called several weeks ago and asked if Trevor would fill in for him at DSC this semester. If you have ever taken an upper-division senior level accounting class, you know what a tremendous compliment (and challenge) this is. K told his DSC colleagues that Trev is the only one he would recommend take his more demanding courses, and the college was on board.

As were we....even if the slightly selfish part of me wanted to shout, "No! I'm tired of being a single parent, and ready to have my husband home before midnight more nights than not."

But it is an incredible opportunity for Trevor, and we know K and his family would do anything for us, so how could we not help them during this difficult time?

Back to school the boy goes on August 20 as an accounting professor at DSC....of course, he will still be working his other job full-time, so we will be back in the busy swing - but it's only four more months of school, right?



famous last words......