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Thursday, November 7, 2013


I must tell Ivie at least 4982 times a day to not squish her brother. Seriously. All her love comes from a good place, but some of her hugs and snuggles get a little intense.

Despite the squashing, Liam loves her more than nearly anyone else--with the exception of Mom when he is hungry--so I guess he enjoys being flattened on occasion. 

I've always thought he was relatively safe from his sister when sleeping, so I laughed right out loud this morning when Trev and I came back into our room from showering to find this picture. 

Both kids always end up in our bed around six or seven am, and they finish out sleeping there until eight or nine, depending on the day. We all love the snuggle time in the morning. We usually line up like this: Trevor, Ivie, Chelsi, Liam. Well, today when Trev and I snuck out of the bed early to get ready Ivie must have missed being right next to someone else's heartbeat, because she immediately rolled right over next to Liam, and as you can see, proceeded to "squish" her brother with one leg. 

Love our little squisher and squishee.

Yes, I know the picture is upside down--but don't worry, you can stand on your head to see it in its full glory. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Daily posting....a blog thing now

So I've been sending out daily (mostly daily, anyway) emails of the kids to family and friends afar. We call this the Ivie and Liam-A-Day email, and it helps keep our kiddos connected to grandparents etc. who live far away.

Then I thought, "Heck, I'm already writing a little blurb and taking pictures...I should post these on the blog too..." Duh.

So I'll start sticking them up here as well. **PS - leave me comments about how cute my kids are to help me stay motivated to do this (that is the same deal I made with the grandparents and the emails) :)

Here is today's:

I love these pictures because I think they perfectly capture my "big little people."

Isn't it strange how small children can seem so little and so grown up at the same time?

Liam adores being on his tummy. This little bug is going to crawl soon. He can "belly surf" these days for minutes at a time, he can also push himself way up with his arms (think the cobra yoga pose) and he is starting to "pushup," raising his bum and tummy from the ground. He desperately wants to move, and while he is pretty good at rolling and back-plowing (laying on his back and kicking his feet to propel him around) his way across a room, his little brain is so clearly thinking about the whole crawling concept. My money is on 6 month movement.

Part of the reason little man wants to move so bad is to chase this big girl around. (He loves her more than anyone). This is Ivie outside of her drop-off preschool class. Don't you love how her backpack is bigger than her? Funny story about that backpack - Trevor shopped and shopped for the thing--I think Uncle Josh Jackson was also consulted. He spent so much time picking the perfect pack for her--and making sure to find one in pink like she asked for. He read reviews and placed the order. And Ivie loves it. 

I'm trying to soak up each moment because they simply go to fast. Seeing them grow is such a bittersweet thing. I celebrate all their new milestones and experiences and  cry a little each month as I pack away tiny clothes that don't fit anymore. 

These two are truly our greatest joys.

Trevor, Chelsi, Ivie and Liam