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Thursday, November 7, 2013


I must tell Ivie at least 4982 times a day to not squish her brother. Seriously. All her love comes from a good place, but some of her hugs and snuggles get a little intense.

Despite the squashing, Liam loves her more than nearly anyone else--with the exception of Mom when he is hungry--so I guess he enjoys being flattened on occasion. 

I've always thought he was relatively safe from his sister when sleeping, so I laughed right out loud this morning when Trev and I came back into our room from showering to find this picture. 

Both kids always end up in our bed around six or seven am, and they finish out sleeping there until eight or nine, depending on the day. We all love the snuggle time in the morning. We usually line up like this: Trevor, Ivie, Chelsi, Liam. Well, today when Trev and I snuck out of the bed early to get ready Ivie must have missed being right next to someone else's heartbeat, because she immediately rolled right over next to Liam, and as you can see, proceeded to "squish" her brother with one leg. 

Love our little squisher and squishee.

Yes, I know the picture is upside down--but don't worry, you can stand on your head to see it in its full glory. 


Devri said...

Love it! So cute! I love sibling love. It makes having more than one so so sweet in ways I didn't expect!

Michelle said...

That is such a cute picture!They both look content :)