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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One Down!!!

First round of chemo is done!


Trev took his last dose last night. Now he will have 20+ days of no chemo pills. At the end of the month we will meet with doctors again to assess the impact that the chemo has had on Trevor's body and the tumor cells in his brain and then decide the best way to proceed from there.

We are crossing our fingers that the tumor will show favorable reaction to this chemotherapy schedule and that Trev's body will be able to handle the high-dose five day schedule so that he might have a little reprieve in the 20 off days. Feel free to cross your fingers and hit your knees with us. :)

Trev has been pretty sick this week - because he takes his pills at night he is sick through most of the night and through the early part of the morning. His eating as been pretty minimal--but thanks to his angel mother and my darling friend Devri, the couple of hours in each day that he feels like eating have been full of good food. Last time we walked down this road Trev lost nearly 60 pounds, so we are trying to keep every ounce we can on him.

Despite all the hard things about this week, we've also had some really lovely highlights--which deserve some big T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U-S.

  • Again, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of emails and texts on Thursday. THANK YOU! 
  • Some very kind, very generous friends sent Trevor a little white package to open after he took his first dose of chemo. Inside was an i-pad mini. We were absolutely blown away by their kindness and intuitiveness. Aside from the time that Trevor is up working in the day he has pretty much been in bed and that i-pad has been a very blessed distraction. I'd call them out by name, but am
    not sure how they'd feel about that. So, THANK YOU to you guys who know who you are. 
  • Trevor got to enjoy the new office chair that my Mom and Dan and my grandparents gave him for his birthday! He loves it and is excited to have a more supportive/comfortable chair to use when he works from home during his sickest days. THANK YOU! 
  • Trevor was also excited to see that Grandpa Ivie had come over and hung up his deer mount down our stairwell. It is the perfect place for it and one big project we can cross off our list. Plus, since Grandma was here to tend the babies I got to go for a much needed run with this pretty girl.  THANK YOU. 
  • Thursday night I slipped out for a bit to go to dinner with some ladies in the PG ward--my darling neighbor's daughter babysat for free and everyone was very kind when learning about Trevor. THANK YOU! 
  • Friday Ivie convinced me we should build a snowman while Liam napped. It did my heart and spirit so much good to play in the snow with my best girl. THANK YOU my darling daughter for being my sunshine. 
  • On Friday I found out that one of our dear old college friends was running a PR event for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Provo. I called up grandma and grandpa Ivie and we made plans to go with the kids. I thought Trev would appreciate the quiet, but he refused to be left behind. We enjoyed the opening ceremonies on the jumbo screens and Ivie loved the kids crafts, games, treats and most especially getting her face painted with this lovely unicorn. Liam--of course--loved the chaos and people watching. he is the most social little kid and he was so content in Grandma Great's arms to just walk around and see everyone, plus I"m pretty sure she was sneaking him bites of brownie and sips of sprite. THANK YOU Di for the great event and THANK YOU to the Ivie's for coming! 
  • We received a lovely card in the mail with encouraging words from our Grandma Gwen. She put into words exactly what I think of Trevor: "I don't know of a man I admire more. He has earned two bachelor degrees, two masters degrees, started a business, helps run a company, married a wonderful woman, had two beautiful children, and bought a home. He has never let his illness stop his progress." THANK YOU!
  • Friday also brought Trevor's parents. Our sweet Linderman Mom came with a cooler full of food and was a whirlwind of cooking/cleaning/washing and folding my laundry/tending my kiddos. Because chemo wipes Trev completely out I'm kind of left to handle the home and parenting bits by myself, and her support was so overwhelmingly appreciated. Dad Linderman and I also had a ball shopping and working on some home-improvement projects. We painted and sanded doors, added wire hanger kits to the back of all the pictures I am hanging so far (since we both decided this a better way to hang things) and hung up bathroom fixtures. THANK YOU!
  • Saturday our sweet neighbors here dropped by a plate of cinnamon rolls--which were pretty much amazing. THANK YOU!
  • Sunday I spoke in church and received a lot of support. THANK YOU! 
  • Monday Trevor enjoyed lunch with his boss. THANK YOU!
  • Monday my darling friend Devri brought by some amazing soup. It is soul-food kind of soup and exactly what we needed. THANK YOU! 
  • Tuesday Trevor met a good friend for lunch. THANK YOU Evan! 
Even though a lot of these things happened here in PG, I am also so touched by the care and concern that have flooded our direction from our St. George family. I've received so many wonderful texts and FB message from my girlfriends there. Even though I've been bad at returning them between family and being pretty generally exhausted (I'm up most of the night with Trevor) I hope you each can know how much you mean to me! From friends just sending me notes to tell me they love me, to friends trying to figure out how to break into my house in STG to clean and bleach the walls, to friends helping me know what's happening in our community there since I've been gone for so long. THANK YOU.

On that same note--I've also heard from all of our UT county friends- just checking in to see if they can help. THANK YOU Sam and Heather L. for your calls. 

I've probably missed someone somewhere because we have received so much support. 

It's funny how just in sitting down and typing out all of these wonderful things how much lighter it makes our burdens feel. There is a sweet hymn called "Count Your Blessings" and the words come to mind right now:

"Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
count your many blessings every doubt will fly,
and you will be singing as the days go by."

Our hearts are singing tonight.

One round of chemo down!


Beth Willmore said...

I'm glad he's done with is first round! I hope you guys get good news at his next appointment and I'm so glad that you've had so much family and friend support! Thanks for keeping us updated - we're still praying for you two!

Sandra Linderman said...

To know that you are loved by so many is a great gift.