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Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentines Love

Sometimes I have to remind myself that long before this blog was ever a source for updating friends and family about Trev's cancer treatment progression that it was a place to share the love and adventures of our little family.

So, for a minute - before I have to type out another cancer update - let's step back and do some of that family oohing and ahhing. And what better subjects to ooh and ahh over than these cute, Valentine's faces?

We had a lovely Valentine's day. We spent the holiday in St. George this year, and were lucky enough to enjoy the company of my dad, stepmom and little sibs. My brother, Clark, had a soccer tournament in STG, so we spent Valentines and the ensuing President's Day weekend in the sunny south.

The day was pretty simple, homemade cards and treats. Then with one minute to spare until midnight Trevor surprised me with a gorgeous and unexpected string of black pearls. They are simply beautiful.

I've always loved pearls, and wanted to own my own real strand. I have a cherished faux strand that belonged to my great-grandmother, and one of my favorite childhood memories is of her teaching me how to tell the difference between real and fake pearls by sliding them across your teethe (fake pearls will feel smooth, while real pearls have a distinctive grain).

Trevor is a wonderful man, but not an overly romantic fellow, and very rarely invests in jewelry--but he has exquisite taste when he does and I am beyond spoiled.

I've happily sported my new necklace several times, and have been interested in reading the "care literature" that accompanied my gift. I had no idea how high maintenance a high-quality strand of real pearls can be. It is recommended that pearls are washed after each wearing, restrung once a year and kept only in a velvet lined box or bag. All efforts to keep the pearls from rubbing against one another should be taken and they should never be left out in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

I've come to really love the ritual of caring for this necklace, and it must be my literary theory background that hunts for a metaphor in everything--but I really can't help but think that in so many ways the care and keeping of precious pearls is akin to the care and keeping of a precious love. I am so grateful to share such deep and sacred feelings for my incredible husband. He is, and always has been, my best friend and quiet companion. Of the six billion plus people on this planet, he knows me better than anyone else--he sees my "real" side and carefully cares for me, helping me find a shine and a luster and a happiness I never knew could be so rich and so deep.

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Beth Willmore said...

Beautiful kids on Valentine's Day! Oh and I LOVE your analogy about the pearls, and I didn't realize they were so hard to take care of. You guys are such a sweet couple.

Thanks for updating us on the appointment yesterday, and I hope things look better at the next one! Love and prayers your way! Beth