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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

14 points

After religiously watching Trev's diet the past couple days and making the poor man drink a thick green smoothie every time he turned around, Trev's blood work results came back in today with a gain of 14 points on the platelet count. Hooray! 122 is still low, but not so low that it will preclude him from the 5 day chemo schedule yet.

We did it!

I'm sure that the positive climb in numbers is due to all the kale, prayers, greens and good vibes. We plan to keep it coming on all counts as Trev will start his second round of chemo tomorrow night.

Plus--to pull us through this next round of chemo we have a pretty fantastic Spring Break to look forward to. But more on that later, for now I'm going to make up another green smoothie and bake a batch of kale chips.


jacmack said...

Yeah! We are praying for you both every day! Love you!

jacmack said...
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