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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Everyday Kind of Wonderful

We've all heard the cliche a million times.

It landed Tim McGraw a #1 slot on the Country Top BillBoard charts for seven weeks straight in 2004 with the song, "Live Like You Were Dying."

It won Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson acclaimed fame for their roles in The Bucketlist in 2007.

It's captured in Mel Gibson's poignant words in the epic Braveheart as: "Every man dies, not every man really lives."

It's printed as "Carpe Diem" across a thousand bumper stickers and t-shirts.

And in the most poetic of words, some I've been thinking about a great deal lately, writer Stephen Vincent Benet describes it like this: "Life is lost not by dying. Life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day in all the thousand small, uncaring ways."

But I will be the first to admit that despite its prevalence, it is a sentiment I have rarely taken to heart. Even through Trevor's first two battles with his brain tumor I just saw those episodes as bumps in the road to the two of us growing old and feeble and gray together...

and while we still desperately hope and pray that we do, we also know that we might not.

Really, nobody has any guarantees. None of us know when our own expiration dates will suddenly roll around. We take for granted that another breath will follow our last, that our to-do lists can wait til tomorrow, that there is always going to be more time.

But the recent turn in our lives has given us pause to think. Over the weekend while the baby slept and Ivie visited cousins and grandparents in Idaho, Trevor and I watched a show that centered around the friendship of two individuals. One had recently found out that he suffers from an inoperable tumor and has five months to live. He opts not to do any treatments, much to the dismay of his friend, and instead wants to spend his time doing the things he has always wanted to do, rather than being sick from chemo and radiation. The friend eventually accepts his wishes and the two take off on a motorcycle trip across South America. The subject matter hit a little close to home, and we began to talk about what we wanted out of however many days, years or (God willing) decades we may have together.

Trevor said, "I think what I want to do with my time is mostly just this, be normal. Go to work. Come home  and do it all again as long as I can."

"Are you sure?" I pressed, "Wouldn't you like to do something magical or wonderful? Take some kind of trip or skydive or something crazy?"

"I think our life is pretty wonderful." came his quiet response.

I've been thinking about his words. Sometimes I get so busy looking at the dust on the windowsills, the boxes still yet to be unpacked, the piles in the garage, the dry spots in the lawn, the weeds in the flower beds, the unsorted emails, the pile of single socks that have lost their mates in the laundry that I don't see the magical and the wonderful.

But I want to see it. I want to live my life a little more thoughtfully, and make things a little more wonderful everyday for my family.

To that end, I decided that everyday I would find or create some sort of fun, magical, wonderful, surprising, silly, spiritual or sentimental simple moment for our family.

We started today.
Ivie painted the sign we hung on the front door to greet Trevor when he came home from work.
 There was a Nerf gun lying beneath it. 
This is hardly an original idea, it has been floating around Pinterest in various pins for awhile now. In fact, I pinned it months ago. I'm not even sure where the original idea came from, so I can't give someone else their due credit. It's been one of those things I was going to get around to doing when the house was finally all organized, when the laundry was done, when the windows were washed...when...when...when...

It was something we did today.
This is Ivie's "war face"

Double Guns

It was fun.
It was silly.
It was wild.
It was wonderful.

He's cute, but he makes for lousy backup...
Here is to finding the everyday wonderful in all the rest of they days we have. Here is to living like we are dying. Here is to speaking more softly, forgiving more quickly,  laughing more deeply and loving like there really might be no tomorrow.

And here is to checking off some of the bigger items on Trev's "bucket list" mixed in with our everyday wonderfulness. He took his motorcycle permit test at the DMV this morning. I'm thinking that no matter how things turn out there is some leather and chrome and exhaust in the near future....stay tuned :)


Mel Eppich said...

I LOVE this!

Me said...

Ahhhhhh so trev wants me to get a motorcycle for a different reason... it all makes sense now!

Michelle said...

I loved this and cried through the whole thing.